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Scammer’s phone 407-256-1567
Scammer’s website Thom Toy Puddle
Scammer’s address 3369 S 134th St, Omaha, Nebraska
Scammer’s email
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Text message

I was looking for a toy poodle and came across Thom Toy Poodles Home website, I reached out them through email and text, I inquired about the shipping price which was via airplane. They gave me a little rice of $150 for shipping. I was told they only accept payment through Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, we tried CashApp and payment failed multiple times. That should’ve been my first red flag. Then I tried Venmo and payment went through successfully and I was sent a fake ownership of puppy receipt and was told I will receive more info on ship ping the puppy in the am. Haven’t heard anything thus far and I’m out my money! These are scammers BEWARE!

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  • I am in the market for a toy poodle and had been searching the internet for months. Suddenly, this website appeared in a new web search. It seemed strange as it never was listed before. I was surprised as I live within 100 miles of Omaha and it had never been listed before. I watched the site for approximately 3 or 4 weeks and recently sent a text that I was interested in one of the poodles listed and asked if it was still available. Within 24 hrs, I received a brief response thanking me for contacting them & stating they did have the poodle I inquired about available. The next question was how soon do you want her. This response seemed strang. They provided no introduction and gave no other info about the puppy in question. Dog owners typically love to tell about puppies and who the parents are. After they responded that they did have the puppy, I texted back and explained I was not in a hurry and that I lived nearby that I would like to meet the.puppy first. I asked them to let me know if this would be possible and sent the text. This was over 24hrs ago and I have had no response. My guess is that the website is a scam! No money changed hands.

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