Ivy Kids of Manvel – Ivy Kids of Manvel


cyprexx – Jeffery Deadlick

StopCorruption Apr 29, 2021

I worked for Cypexx for several projects, At first they seemed legitimate but after a few months I determined for them it was ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, They have paid off people in City and Counties through support of elections! They are taking advantage of the mass confusion of Federal Home loans…

Consumer Clearing House – Consumer Clearing House

Delores Brown Apr 28, 2021

I received a call from a man stating I had won $500,000 dollars from consumers clearing house and I was asked several questions about my self and if I was married when I said yes but my husban was not available at the moment . was told that he had to be present for me to receive the money ….

Levi Strauss Jeans – The Decline of an American Legend

Robb Schwartz Apr 27, 2021

I’ve been wearing a pair of Denizen jeans for six months with only very mild use. What a let down today to find the back right pocket with a five inch tear.along the seam. And, additionally, the back left pocket is ripped two inches. What garbage! I’ve been a dedicated customer…


Non Stop Delivery LLC (N.S.D.) – Worst shipping experience ever!

bbsleads Apr 17, 2021

Ordered a large screen TV on Amazon and unfortunately they assigned shipping to this horrible shipping company, which should be renamed to Never Stop Delivery! They gave a 12 hour shipping window on Friday 4/17/21 and never called or texted. Tried calling them multiple times after 8PM and…

Direct Gardening – Product Never Delivered

MaryAnneD Apr 16, 2021

Ordered 3-06-21 400 hedge plants have never been delivered as well as 500 fertilizer tabs to apply during planting. Have called repeatedly and daily for last month to a constant busy signal at all hours and days trying to reach them. If you send an email, you receive an auto response and no…

[email protected] – We don’t [email protected]

marg2021 Apr 16, 2021

Having recently had flowers delivered from Bloomex,I felt there was cause for complaint.
-the box was damaged and not sealed, the bunch of flowers were losing petals,,the flowers were not wrapped, stems cable tied around a block of oasis,not inserted into it,no card attached to them,so…

Orient Insurance – Insurance policy for future saving

maula Apr 13, 2021
Dear friends

Please very careful for orient insurance they are one of the number 1 official cheater
focusing the people from south india please dont trust their word all fraud promises please dont save or invest your money orient insurance for you or your kids future

1-800ToolRepair – No response to phone calls

BrownCE Apr 12, 2021

No-one answer’s any phone contact attempts when trying to find out about my order. No evidence that I even ordered anything from their web site when I check online. Money was deducted from my Visa card fast enough. Complaint was filed threw my Visa Card Credit Union for a refund as I must…

Country Club – COUNTRY CLUB a big scam!!!

CC_Victim18 Apr 6, 2021

I am surprised to see few comments on this portal.
I thought Country Club is closed and their license is canceled by DED. I was also cheated in Dec 21018, but thanks to DED, they play a vital role in getting our money back. We were around 15 people who approached DED together and the…

Al Hayat facilities cards LLC – Fraudsters

tanveer Apr 6, 2021

I recieved whatsapp message claiming that i have won some vouchers. I clearly explained them if its related to tours and travels i will just collect the gifts and not pay for any tour packages. When i reached the office in buhaira corniche they gave me a form to fill , when i told them i just…

Turbo debit prepaid card – Just my luck

Donna60 Apr 4, 2021

I got turbo card. March 10 my wallet was taken i called the number on web siite told them about my card. Being stolen y
Promised it was going to be stoppedor blocked and they would
send a new one which ne ver came .then i was wondering weres my money. From taxes and my virus. That…

etax.com – Not happy

asshole Apr 2, 2021

I have used 2 other tax sites of the past 15 years and this one is the worst tax site yet. I will never use them again. I never had to pay the irs until today so I paid etax $45.00 (which the said free until the end) and now I have to pay the irs. DON’T USE ETAX.COM THEY ARE A RIPE OFF….

Express Vitals – DO NOT use this company

STRAVAIGIN Mar 29, 2021
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M Stewart
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Just now
A shameful ripoff, preying on people who need a certificate urgently. Do not use.

Express Vitals – charged £65, certificate not…

Prestigia – covid trip mexico

matt4305 Mar 29, 2021

I had to cancel my trip due to covid. I booked thru prestigia and although my hotel will not charge a cancellation fee prestigia
did . I would never ever use this booking sight . Just stay away….

ICRPC – ICRPC is professional

icrpc Mar 29, 2021
I am Arun Saxena from International Consumer Rights Protection Council. I am shocked at the comments written here against me. I am more shocked that these comments were allowed to be posted by Complaintsboard without even verifying the true facts.

I am an M.Tech, MBA, Diploma…

Palliser Furniture – Buyers Remose

rtiffany Mar 29, 2021

DANG! Wish I had seen these reviews! I AGREE, my Titan Palliser sectional was THE WORST PURCHASE ever! Looks good but the seat cushions materials provide no support let alone comfort AFTER LESS THAN SIX MONTHS of use. Their “warranty” recommends to not sit in the same place…move…

strainbank usa – Powdery mold on my clones

jchaste2 Mar 28, 2021

Powdery mold and weak clones at a premium is what they provide
I ordered 4 plants and was promised they would send 3 strains. I paid over 50 clone. upon arrival one was clearly weak and died a day later. The other three had powdery mold show up a couple days after that. When I asked for…

Justice Heather McGee of Newmarket Courts – Ju

Mkc Mar 28, 2021

I had the good fortune of having Judge McGee preside over my family law matter during an urgent motion at the end of March 2021. I am so very grateful for her careful consideration of the issues at hand. She renewed my belief in humanity. Judge McGee I thank you from the bottom of my heart….

eDreams – 15 hours and 10 calls later

C723 Mar 27, 2021

We have had 10 different calls and close to 15 hours on the phone with the edreams. I honestly am so upset with how they conduct themselves. We are about to now have to pay over 1000 pounds on a flight because we need to get back home. Edreams has written us and confirmed via email that they…

etax.com – Etax is a scam

SYBIL JACKSON Mar 26, 2021

I went into “My Free Taxes.com” and apparently Etax hijacked the website and charged me $95 from my tax refund and deposited the remainder in my bank account. I called them 718-275-3829 and they were very rude and lied. They said that the website gave me an opportunity to put $29.95…

Royal Flush Cavaliers – Avoid this “breeder”

Cal2021 Mar 25, 2021

If this woman is still in the business of selling Cavalier puppies, avoid her at all costs. She never gave me papers for my puppy (there has to be only one reason- there were none- backyard breeders/puppy mills don’t have papers). She charged me at least $800 more than someone else I happened…


CKYAP Mar 24, 2021


travelscape – Thieves

scottymac Mar 21, 2021

This company is ran by thieves. Expedia is the parent company. I made reservations for 2 rooms. I was working on my computer and trying to find a couple rooms in North Carolina. I mistakenly used Travelscape and not Expedia. I was in a hurry as I was also working and did not realize that I booked…

Blue Dolphin Magazines – no issues

nanm Mar 20, 2021

I ordered a magazine 15 weeks ago. Never received it and they don’t answer on when I will receive an issue. Trying to cancel and get my money back. I keep getting emails offering $2 magazines. I told them I don’t want the emails anymore since they don’t deliver. Never order…

COMWAVE – Refuse to send a refund

Sandy_ON557 Mar 20, 2021

Comwave is the worst company I have ever known.
They made 2 accounts on my name charged my credit card twice.
When I canceled the service they refuse to send the refund.
Every time I call I get different answer ” refund on the way’ or give 2 more weeks.

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