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I ordered the Pumpkin Jamboree… So cool that they are so annimated. What a great price only $89.99. Bought thru paypal.
Product took forever to arrive




. Then it did. $3.00 worth of cheap plastic. Two of the three pumpkins were broken. Offered me $20 back. Nope I wanted a full refund – this was clearly a bait and switch scam. To send the cheap plastic back to China it will cost me nearly $120. A net loss of $30 for my refund. So I esculated the issue to Palypal explaining everything. They “investigated” seller offered me $20 refund. I stated that the seller already offered that to me. And I rejected the offer. Days later get a message from Paypal… Congratulations seller agrees to full refund after you spend $120 to send the item back. Which is back to where I was at when I gave it to Paypal weeks ago. It only took Paypal a month to return me back to square one! I expect more from Paypa

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