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Victim Location 49504
Total money lost $57.49
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I saw the ad on Instagram and decided to spend a little extra on a nice mirror set for myself, assuming that it would be nice based on the price. It arrived in a bag, and when I opened it, it was clearly very cheap, something you could buy in a DIY kit for like $10 at Hobby Lobby, made with cheap craft wood and foggy, plastic mirror pieces that were all scratched and scuffed up since it was shipped in a bag.

The website itself was impossible to find through google, and I couldn’t even find the original ad on Instagram, though I was finally able to find reviews for the product through the email confirming that my order had arrived. (It also only arrived after I inquired a few months after I had ordered it, and arrived a month or so after I inquired, so I assume they wouldn’t have sent anything at all had I not sent an email)

All the reviews on the website said that they had never received their order and called it a scam. If I had been able to find these reviews before I wouldn’t have ordered the mirrors. I also found the same exact image used in the advertisement listed under several other sellers with google reverse image search, and it sold for as little as around $15, when I paid almost $60. You can also just search “moon phase mirror set” and find plenty of listings.

So far I’ve been unable to get a refund and am currently working with PayPal to hopefully get my money back. The most they’ve offered me is $5.

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