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Victim Location 49504
Total money lost $57.49
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I saw the ad on Instagram and decided to spend a little extra on a nice mirror set for myself, assuming that it would be nice based on the price. It arrived in a bag, and when I opened it, it was clearly very cheap, something you could buy in a DIY kit for like $10 at Hobby Lobby, made with cheap craft wood and foggy, plastic mirror pieces that were all scratched and scuffed up since it was shipped in a bag.

The website itself was impossible to find through google, and I couldn’t even find the original ad on Instagram, though I was finally able to find reviews for the product through the email confirming that my order had arrived. (It also only arrived after I inquired a few months after I had ordered it, and arrived a month or so after I inquired, so I assume they wouldn’t have sent anything at all had I not sent an email)

All the reviews on the website said that they had never received their order and called it a scam. If I had been able to find these reviews before I wouldn’t have ordered the mirrors. I also found the same exact image used in the advertisement listed under several other sellers with google reverse image search, and it sold for as little as around $15, when I paid almost $60. You can also just search “moon phase mirror set” and find plenty of listings.

So far I’ve been unable to get a refund and am currently working with PayPal to hopefully get my money back. The most they’ve offered me is $5.

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    • Mr. Thomas my name is James Osorio from Miami Fl, I also bought the same thing and never received it ,yet it shows that it was delivered but where nobody can tell you where was delivered. and I myself will never buy anything else from Facebook or any other advertising on the internet unless is amazon even if it cost more. Also, it seems that Pay Pal doesn’t care they don’t answer the telephone and when they do they will not give your money back.

      [email protected]

  • I ordered a security camera through yokawa network limited and pay pal and they sent me a cheap sd card chip instead tryed calling pay pal and they wount take your calls

    • Yea I did the same thing, only I didn’t Receive my product they shipped it to the wrong address I’m claiming that I receive it what a big scam
      And also PayPal wouldn’t don’t anything about it. Which is not far.
      I purchase four cameras my total $98.84 US which I have lost.

      • I also purchased the cameras for the rear view mirror. I had noticed a tracking number in my informed delivery that never got delivered. Pais for thru pay pal, and no one wants to refund my monies even though I never recieved the cameras. Such a RIP off SCAM. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING SEEN ON FACEBOOK, CAUSE CHANCES ARE YOU WILL BE SCAMMED.

        • Same here order 4 back up cameras. Never received them. PayPal sided with the scammers. 😡🤬 I love how you see these ads on Facebook as soon as you order, send money, you never see the ads again. Facebook needs to do something. Out around $80.

    • I ordered the dash-/rear-cam mirror and received a SD card as well. I emailed the customer service info in the package and Kammy tried to tell me that is what I ordered. I kept looking and found this site. Bait and switch scam.

    • I got scammed by this company as well. U thought I was getting wifi security cameras in light bulbs. They sent little sim cards after a dispute was started. I pray something can be done about it.

    • I got for of the chips instead of my four cameras I purchased. I will never use PayPal again. They’re useless. Amazon is fantastic they actually give a darn when u get ripped off.

  • This company is a scam ,they trick you into buying items that are to good in price to be true .I ordered a cctv camera and all I received was a SIM card.. looking a other reviews I am not the only one this has
    Happened too.
    Pay Pal should not be part of the paying system for this company
    but for some reason they still provide a means of paying for your
    How long are they going to get away with .
    They should not be allowed to trade on Facebook.

  • I wished I had researched this company before paying 80.00 dollars for Halloween decor, I haven’t received the order. I reached out to the seller through email. I would get a response but it was always the same response about my items I ordered. The tracking number provided to you is a JOKE because it never tracks anything. I contacted Paypal to escalate my claim and I thought I would get a REFUND boy was I wrong. I get an email confirming the item was delivered. This company is a SCAM! They’re making it big off honest people by advertising fake stuff to get people’s money. I’m sure Paypal has witnessed this madness and should not be a paying company for scammers.

  • I recently purchased four Barbie dolls from them and upon checking up on delivery tracking was given numbers that showed Barbies were delivered. I contacted them regarding non receipt asking name of carrier and what address the dolls where delivered to. They respond in a foreign language that I could not read. I attempted to contact them again and they blocked me from their 24hour support line. I called my credit card company directly did not mess with PayPal and they refunded me my money. I notified PayPal, just to give them a heads up however after reading all the complaints on this post they still have not done anything to stop this company from scamming others. I will be closing my PayPal account since that apparently do not care about safeguarding their uses. YOKAWA NETWORK LIMITED IS A SCAM ORGANIZATION! BUYERS BE WARNED!

    • I bought 2 cameras and received 2 sd cards instead. I’m so mad about this. I even bought the insurance and paypal won’t help me cause kowana said I received it. Yeah I received sd cards and nothing else. I’m discustied with pay pal for continuing to support these japanese companies that continue to rape our American People. WHERE THE HELL IS OUR JUSTICE;!!!

  • This company scammed me for $71.97. In the process of working with PayPal at the moment. PayPal did close it out because Yokawa Network Limited was able to provide a tracking # that was received. I purchased three security cameras that is weather proof. They mailed me three micro sd cards instead to show proof that they mailed me something and it was received. They are misleading and at first offered me 1/2 refund. How hideous the offer! Not only did they mislead me, but they want to keep half of the money they scammed me out of?! They need to be shut down and fines imposed on them for taking money from people!!!!!!!

  • I ordered 6 singing Halloween Pumpkins at the cost of $109.24 and never received the product. I registered a complaint with PayPal and they received “Proof” that the item was delivered. I have no idea which US carrier was used in the final delivery so further tracking has been hard. I believe that they never shipped it and gave Paypal bogus information. DO NOT BUY FROM CHINA!

  • I’m currently involved with the same order I contacted the USPS and are awaiting for a letter from the USPS stating that the order was delivered to a different address than the shipping address provided.

  • I got the product. It didn’t look like what I was expecting. However the thing I need help with, is you all took the payment from paypal and my bank account too. I would like for you to reimburse me for one of the charges.
    Thank you and let me know which one you’re going to reimburse thank you

  • Imy order was not delivered to my address I call usps it was sent to wrong address very unhappy how can I get my money back

  • Never received and paypal did not help

    You made a payment to Yokawa Network Limited.
    31 May 2020 08:27:07 AEST
    Receipt No:3266-6514-5521-4646
    Hello Noelene Colin Iremonger,

    This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL *LYTHAM.

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    Merchant information:
    Yokawa Network Limited
    [email protected]
    Instructions to merchant:
    None provided
    Shipping information:
    Noelene Iremonger
    38 -40 Coreen street
    OAKLANDS, NSW 2646
    Shipping method:
    Not specified
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    $22.95 USD 1 $22.95 USD

    Discount: -$0.00 USD
    Shipping and handling: $6.05 USD
    Insurance: —-
    Total: $29.00 USD
    Exchange rate: 1 AUD = 0.634626 USD
    Amount you’ll pay (transaction currency): $45.70 AUD
    Receipt No: 3266-6514-5521-4646
    Please keep this receipt number for future reference. You’ll need it if you contact customer service at Yokawa Network Limited or PayPal.

    Help | Security Centre
    Currency conversion:

    We can confirm that you have been offered a choice of Currencies and agreed to pay in the currency identified above (Amount you’ll pay).

    Based on the choice you made, PayPal converted the payment amount to the currency of your card, instead of your merchant’s currency. PayPal’s foreign exchange rate is 4.00% above the rate provided by our financial partners.

    Copyright © 1999-2020 PayPal Australia Pty Limited ABN 93 111 195 389 (AFSL 304962). All rights reserved.

    PayPal Email ID PP1469 – 5c3c2f3eb5c83

  • How do you have a commercial on Facebook I decide to order product I ordered for cameras I never received it when I track my package it shows that it was received and delivered by Canada Post. iMessage to company to find out where is my package said it was delivered that contact Canada Post when I contact Canada Post they give me a reference number and tell me to contact the company where I purchased and give them the reference number and let them know that the address on the package was wrong, they told that the package show deliver because they cannot fine an so Canada told me give them the reference number and they can check it on their end to see it was their mistake they can refund me my money I sent you back my product. Dakie keeps saying that your product was delivered and they cannot do anything. this is just a scam company that no one can’t trust so be careful

  • Good Luck! They scammed me as well on an order for (2) rear view mirrors. I used Paypal as well and Paypal would not reimburse me because Yokawa Network Limited somehow phished a delivered receipt through the USPS. Cost me $48.00 and no product; just a bunch of excuses. DO NOT do business with them ever.

  • I ordered a hover around vacuum off Facebook, thru Pay Pal on Nov 15, 2020, pay pal paid them $67.77, inv#9XN86421JY428734M, transaction #9XN86421JY428734M
    Tried to get a claim Thu PayPal and have not successful…not happy with PayPal because I thought that they were a trusted site. I have emailed PayPal to get no response!

  • I ordered comforters from them on9-5-2020 never received them for the amount of 182.00 I never saw until in googled that this was a scam. contacted paypal for the amount i was charged.

    • I am having the issue. I ordered a fluffy comported for $70 on Oct. 1st from a facebook ad. I have contacted paypal to file a dispute and I have not received my money back.

  • On November 26 i was Oder 2 waterproof wireless WiFi camera (Qty2) invoice ID#w845f2C-21105 transaction ID#OGT68986X0491152H today i received only two small card no camera why can you check it for me

  • Paid with
    BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. x-8541
    Shipped to
    Jenniffer B.

    Humble, TX 77346-3015
    United States
    Have you received this order?
    November 12, 2020, Sent by USPS
    Status: Shipped
    Transaction ID
    Seller info
    Yokawa Network Limited
    [email protected]
    Invoice ID
    Purchase details
    ��Christmas promotion: 70%OFF��Waterproof Wireless Wifi Camera
    Shipping Insurance

    They have scammed me too. I saw a light weight envelope in a picture at a post office, sent to a different address. I never got the letter as a proof for PayPal. PayPal does not refund me, since the tracking number shows the item was supposedly delivered to my mail box.

  • Yokawa is a scam and by association, PayPal is suppoting this scam. The vendor replies in chinese or another language. Claims item shipped after they claim it was delivered and provided a tracking number that the USPS confirmed as invalid. Despite the evidence and the non receipt of merchandise, PayPal rejected my dispute.

  • I ordered 4 cameras on November 28, 2020. Here is my receipt. Can I get some information on my order?
    Dr. Carl Nelson
    Yokawa Network Limited
    -negative $110.80
    November 28, 2020
    Paid with
    VISA Debit Card x-5305
    You’ll see “PAYPAL *VANILLA” on your card statement.
    Shipped to
    Carl Nelson
    3622 Neely Rd
    Memphis, TN 38109
    United States
    Have you received this order?
    December 2, 2020, Sent by YUNEXPRESS
    Status: Shipped
    Transaction ID
    Seller info
    Yokawa Network Limited
    [email protected]
    Invoice ID
    Purchase details
    ��Black Friday: 70%OFF��Waterproof Outdoor&Indoor Wifi Camera (Qty 4)
    Shipping Insurance

  • This is criminal all these people including me hasn’t received their merchandise including me 2 outdoor security cameras. This is bullshit that PayPal helps you rip people off. I’m owed 54.27. you need to contact me because I’m contacting the BBB and my attorney. I will get my money back one way or another

  • הזמנתי פריט ב-72$ קיבלתי מעטפה עם שטויות שלא שווה 10$
    אסור להזמין מהם שום דבר

  • So tired of being scammed by losers. I ordered 4 security cameras from Yokawa paid $64.00 and never recieved nothing but they diffently got my money. So sick of scammers they make me sick!!!

  • I have not received my order from Yokawa Network Limited in the amount of $69.95
    I have contacted them at their email address: [email protected]
    They told me

    Thanks for your email
    We are so sorry for what happened.
    Due to the error of system before,your order was shipped to wrong address.
    But we’ve arranged to reship .please wait for update .
    Hope you have a nice day!”

    I have filed a dispute at paypal however it sounds like hundreds of people have been scammed by them and paypal does not help obtain a refund.

  • Yokawa send me a false tracking number ,, I never received the items , PayPal close the case on yokawa network limited, because they provided a false tracking number.

  • Paid with
    VISA 1416Visa debit card x-
    You’ll see “PAYPAL *ANEMONE” on your card statement.
    Exchange rate
    $47.88 CAD = $35.29 USD
    1 CAD = 0.7371 USD
    Shipped to
    Kim Hunter
    47 Paisley Street
    Guelph ON N1H 2N7
    Have you received this order?
    December 2, 2020, Sent by CPC
    Status: Shipped
    Transaction ID
    Seller info
    Yokawa Network Limited
    [email protected]
    Invoice ID
    Purchase details
    ��BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION��Global Technology – Dash-cam/Rear-cam Smart Mirror
    $23.98 USD
    Shipping Insurance
    $0.72 USD
    $24.70 USD
    $5.99 USD
    $4.60 USD
    $35.29 USD
    what l received was a memory card not the mirror and back up camera

  • I ordered 2 vests on December 7 Invoice W664C32FB-41583 Transaction ID 43L46683EM191281P when will I get them?

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