Whistland –


Victim Location 91786
Total money lost $33.17
Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

They use social media to distribute click bait. Once you access their site, there is a catalog and a guilt functional website that allows you to make purchases from a barrage of items from clothing, housewares, to hardware to automotive knick knacks. You place an order and there will be confirmation sent to the email you provide. Their shipping policy states that you should allow then 15 to 20 to process your order and have it shipped and to you within that time, of course considering all covid 19 regulations and delays that may be caused. However when you wish to contract them there is only an email that you may use. No number, no help links on the site, no live customer service rep. The response is fairly fast but the responses are clearly a script. I managed to get 2 responses from what appeared to be 2 separate reps and now they just aren’t responding. I have not received any current updates for mu package since March 1st informing me that a label had been created for my package. When you click on their ‘about me’ link on their site, it’s no link at all and upon my investigating the address they provide on the site as well, Google maps shows no result and a search only generates a parking lot! There is no company or supplier to fulfill any orders placed and they should be shut down immediately!

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