USPS address change –


Victim Location 97236
Total money lost $80
Type of a scam Moving

I did a simple google search for “Change Postal Address.” Like any person, I thought that the only site that would populate would be the USPS. At first I was wondering why the words “old address” seemed weird, then I noticed that they didn’t tell me a price. I figured I had done this before though and it was only $1.05 so it should be fine. Then I noticed the logo. It wasn’t until I had already paid that I saw the ridiculous url and saw $80 charge that I became upset and realized I was scammed.

I don’t know why google even lets these companies place ads. Something needs to be done so that they aren’t the first thing that pops up on these searches. As chance has it this was a purchase I decided not to use my credit card with and so am a bit unsure if I’ll get a refund.

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