United Mail Change –


Victim Location 78218
Total money lost $79.95
Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

This company scammed me of $79.95, as well as others stating that they were a .org company…an address change company. It made it appear as if the were a government business. What i thought I was paying was the $1.08 price that is a normal fee. I was redirected by a third party, and charged. $79.95…Please I need my money back and have finally given you the information needed for this scam…i did the research, alot of people were scammed…even at $39.95

I happen to screen shot everything i purchase. usps should be accountable, because they knew about it when i went to the postal office…the guy new right away, it’s a scam…sorry…we could of done it for free…that was their reaction…They took it like a grain of salt…i was pissed, but things happen for a reason. please get these people the site is till running as an .org company…

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By Scott


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