United Address Update –


Victim Location 80031
Total money lost $79.95
Type of a scam Moving

My husband attempted to fill our a change of address form at USPS, and somehow got led to a copycat form on this 3rd party website “unitedaddressupdate.org” and we were consequently charged 79.95 for their service. (An address change should cost $1.05 at USPS) There is no contact # on the scammer’s website, but luckily there was a phone number listed on the charge on our bank statement (**********). The fine print on their website says that there is a guaranteed no-questions-asked refund policy. I called and demanded a 100% refund and they said they will cancel our account and issue a refund. Hoping to see the refund, but won’t be surprised if it does not show up. When I asked the customer service agent what the name of the business is, he said it’s just called “Different Address Change Service.” He wouldn’t even tell me the correct business name or website. Obviously they didn’t want me warning others of the scam. Make sure that if you request a change of address, you do so at USPS.com, and NOT a third party!

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