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What I did, I asked PayPal to block any payments from my PayPal Acc’t to the seller. They did so. This way I avoided further payments, as UAB Kilo Grupe wanted me to pay $66 (once more on the same date) plus $15 the same day after they charged me for $66. Then, I filed a complaint on the realized $66 transaction, which was processed by PayPal, as an unauthorized transaction. It was dismissed, as UAB somehow got recorded on my account for automatic payments, although, I have not bought anything from them. Thus, the next step was to block my card, which was used for the charge, at my bank plus I filed a transaction complain with the bank, as my card issuer, for the unauthorized transaction for the unknown product and unreasonable charge. Especially, that I got similar reply as you from the address, which was referred to me as the seller’s address at the transaction details. UAB Kilo Grupe asked me what kind of product, I am referring their charges to. I thought, this is crazy.

In the mean-time, I got some kind of sorry notes from PayPal but, no money return. I am still waiting for my Bank last chance to react to my transaction complaint. I forwarded them correspondence exchange about the seller’s questioning me about their product, they charged me for…

This is my whole story. To make it short, ask PayPal to block any payments form the UAB Kilo Grupe.

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  • I had $99.00AU withdrawn from my account via Paypal recently. I thought why and realised I paid the same amount 12 months ago for a keto diet plan for 28 days. (silly me) I was not aware this was a subscription as I have never been forwarded anything further.
    PayPal has cancelled the agreement with the company.
    I have decided to cancel my Paypal account as I feel very vulnerable to future scams.

    • Same thing happened to me too.
      Beware of the annual fees and email subscriptions
      I went into my automatic payments with PayPal and cancelled anything I was unfamiliar with.
      I also deleted subscriptions apps on my phone that I donít need.
      Hope this may help.

  • I purchased some diet recipies from Keto not quite a year ago, the initial purchase was $1 followed by a $26 cost. Then I paid a one-off payment of $99 for further recipies. 2 days ago I have been billed another $99 for WHAT, ?? I contacted paypal who closed any further payments, (there were none anyway!!) but I am now $99 out of pocket and when I e-mailed them they asked for more info. which I gave them , it’s now been another 24hrs and haven’t heard anything. The money has now been taken out of my bank account, which I can not afford.

    • Iím feeling for you as I had a similar experience.
      I too wasnít expecting a payment a year later.
      In all honesty I didnít even use this service and to top that off I have been landed with second charge which is ridiculous.
      I have contacted both [email protected] and Carol of [email protected] via email.
      Iíve asked to be reimbursed.
      No replies to any of my emails yet.

      • Update:
        After I emailed DoFasting I got an email back as follows.

        Thank you for reaching out.
        Please be informed that you have been charged since you purchased a reoccurring 12-month subscription on 2020-02-08, and the subscription was automatically renewed, as indicated in your purchase confirmation. As per our terms and conditions, the subscription cancellation request should be sent to [email protected].
        Unfortunately, we had not received a request from your email address before the renewal.
        I can confirm that your subscription has now been canceled, and no further charges will ever occur.
        Since our product is produced and supplied in digital form, we can offer you a partial refund (50% of the subscription charge), and you will still have access to your app. However, your subscription will be canceled, and no additional payments will ever occur.
        Please let me know if I should go ahead and process it.
        I look forward to hearing back from you.

        My reply,

        I really would have liked a full refund considering I havenít been even using this product/service.
        Maybe in future you should email all your clients with a reminder of the up and coming annual fee charge.
        However if I can’t get the full refund, something is better than nothing therefore I accept your partial refund of 50%.

        Then I received another email,

        Thank you for reaching out.
        I am sorry to hear that our app didnít meet your expectations.
        Therefore, Iíve issued a full refund, and you should already see it in your account balance. Your subscription has also been canceled, and no further charges will ever occur.
        We strive to provide our customers with products that meet their expectations, and we would appreciate it if you participated in a survey, which would help us improve our product:
        Have a nice day.

        Since then I have received a full refund and another email wanting a customer service survey.

  • I was recently charged $ 89.1p ( $66 USD,) EXACT SAME STORY. paypal refuse to refund the payment that l never, ever authorized.

  • An order was placed on February 17, 2021 from your company Kilo Grupe. This order form was not completed, but we were still charged $41.71 on our credit card. Please reverse this amount.
    Gabrielle Lemmond

  • I just had the same thing happen to me yesterday from Kilo Grupe. $66 dollars taken from my paypal account for nothing. Paypal refuses to deal with it. Somehow it was set up as active recurring on my account. I think I may have had a previous purchase from them but no recurring agreement was ever set up by me. This is some sort of profitable scam this company has set up. I will go to Visa now and dispute the charge. I will also go to Paypal to block this company.

  • Hi. I am now dealing with the same exact issue. They took 66.00 from my Pay Pal account also. Asking me for what product. Didn’t recieve anything. Pay Pal sent me an email stating they blocked this user. But now I am having a hard time resetting my password. It keeps telling me something went wrong.

  • Currently having the same experience. I got the$66, a$15, $9 & $56 charges on my credit card. I called paypay,PayPal, told me since it was charges against my credit card.i called my credit card & disputed the charges.they reversed the$66,said they had no others.paypal then put stop on my account.Cannot reach UAB Kilo Grupa. Any advice?

  • I also had this unauthorized $66.00 charge! I contacted PayPal and they denied my claim!
    I have read other reviews that state the exact same occurrences. PayPal would not reimburse anyone.


  • I just received a notice from pay pal that a payment of $33.00 was sent to you. I don’t remember ever requesting any thing from you and if I did I now want to cancel anything from your service, I would like a refund on any charges you may have received from pay pal. The last invoice number was6259166955906974.
    Please cancel anything else.
    Vonnie Bathke

  • I just got an unauthorized payment on my Paypal account for UAB Kilo Grupe as well. I paid for a diet plan from My Diabetes and now I am being charged for a 3 month subscription that I did not authorize. I bet there is some micro sized statement somewhere that says I signed up for this. I filed a fraud complaint with Paypal. What a racket!! I thought I could trust Paypal but no it is always the consumer that is at fault.

  • Kilo Grupe charged PayPal $66 for another year subscription. This charge was not authorized and I want a refund to my PayPal account for the amount of $66. I am cancelling any further automatic payments and do not wish to receive any further subscription.

  • I refused your shipment because I was told by my doctor not to take any supplements or cleansing products because I have severe Diviticulis, and they could cause more surgery.

    I am still waiting for a credit on my Discover charge, please issue immediately. I am hoping you are a reputable company and will issue a credit for $69.99 which you charge me.
    Thank you
    Elizabeth Armstrong
    28 Johnson Ave
    Peabody, MA 01960

  • Same thing here. Kilo Grupe in Lithuania appears to be a scam. Paypal refuses to help with the two previous transactions ($33 x 2) claiming that I had an ongoing subscription with Kilo Grupe, which I do not think is true unless they had that hidden in fine print somewhere. Paypal did send email saying they will stop further payments to this company. I am going to try to get my bank to help. Online there are lots of complaints about the Kilo Grupe. It appears they have also managed to recruit people to post testimonials that the “product” is wonderful, to lure other unsuspecting people to the scam.

  • Exactly what I’m going through. I don’t even remember what I ordered from them! I need to contact my bank to block any further payments from them.

  • I got conned into this by a diet app called DoFasting.
    This is really a very rudimentary and useless application. I deleted it pretty quickly. But unfortunately, purchasing the application also signed me up for an AUTOMATICALLY RECURRING subscription for some dubious products. For me this is costing $66 every year.

    To cancel, go here:

    Also, for some folks, it helps to try this:

    On your computer, go to
    Click Order History
    Find the order you want to return
    Select Request a Refund or Report a Problem and choose the option that describes your situation
    Complete the form and note that you would like a refund

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