Tim Hortons – bad attitude of service crew

Tim Hortons – bad attitude of service crew

Reported By: Joe0303

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Tim Hortons

Team Hortons sharjah branch very bad attitude of your service crew…

At around 6:45pm before iftar i sat down in tim hortons sharjah city center from the outside chair while waiting to my wife which is near to the next shop.. for about 3 mins sitting there, someone are shouting from the cashier and said youre not allowed to sit there.then i immediately leave that sit and went near to cold stone because some people are passing by .. unfortunately she is a kabayan and im a kabayan as well… im very disappointed on how they are approaching the customer… i didnt buy anything because its not yet iftar… but atleast do a proper approach and tell that its not allowed to sit .. i dont know if its not allowed or this kabayan lady are just very rude.. and then 1 indian guy from cold stone allow me to sit and told me.. just to sit and rest for a while is not a problem here.

Piece of advise.. there are lots of people out there that are starving to get a job and more deserving than the crew of tim hortons sharjah… not all crew… but thats the face of your company….


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