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I have been trying for two days to make a reservation I have been disconnected several times no one calls me back I’ve missed making a reservation at a campground that was almost booked up and then by the time someone called me back it was completely booked up, a customer service is beyond ridiculous I am going to make sure that I tell everyone I know not to join thousand trails if I don’t get some Kind of satisfactory response, I have been trying to reach someone to help me since Friday it is now Tuesday this is beyond frustrating I’ve been put on hold for hours on end literally! I’ve been a member for almost 3 years now in the beginning I was satisfied and very happy with the membership I don’t know what has happened lately but it is the worst now ! The next time I happen to get a live person on the phone I feel that it’s necessary to take their name down right away so that when I get disconnected (again) I can report them for not getting back to me. I am about to cancel my membership I don’t even know if I can get somebody live to talk to to ask them questions about how to do that, I would ask that somebody contact me but I know it won’t happen, my cell phone number is [protected], I plan on doing some research on other camping memberships

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