Victim Location 94521
Type of a scam Debt Collections


I received a phone call from “Randy” at Legal Processing Service, stating that he is trying to deliver legal documents to me. He gave a phone number and my case file number for TFG Law group who is the office responsible. He gave me his call back number to follow-up for delivery. I did eventually call back the number (different than the caller ID originally), and asked him for the address to his company. He told me he can’t give me that but that I can googel it. Eventually he hung up on me.

Progressing forward- I called the phone number given to me by Randy for TFG law group and was told that according to my case file I had some unpaid medical bills that were sent to their office by “Health Management Association”. That I breached a legal binding contract and defrauded Yada yada (can’t remember the words). They stated the the lawer Mr. Schaffer who is in charge of my case states it has something to do with not receiving an out of pocket cost for a medical bill.

He could give me no details about date of service or location, siting he was bound by HIPPA and couldn’t violate that.

Stated that the company had sent me two noticed in the mail already trying to notify me of the lawsuit. He said they weren’t sent certified, that they’re not required to do that.

He stated the Mr. Schaffer felt it must be an accident that I missed payment so they’re offering me a settlement fee of $1382.82 or I could wait for the legal documents to be served to me and then I will have to go to court and if I loose the dispute I’ll be responsible for $3,132.22 of fees on top of the original bill. Stated the settlement was only an option until the papers are served..

They had my full social security number, DOB, addresses (the last 3 I lived at) & I foolishly confirmed my current address. I also foolishly gave them my email address to send over documents so I could review them. Those documents never came.

When I looked up TFG law firm they’re out of Wisconsin, I Live in CA. They confirmed that they’ve been getting reports of scammers using their name to try and collect medical bill debt.

Later in the same day I had a hard credit inquiry on my credit report from-



38625 Calistoga Dr Ste 110, Murrieta, CA 92563-4887


(844) 342-0056.

I called the number, there was no answer and no official voice-mail set up.

When I googled The Calvary Firm, reported others having the same incident occurring with other people. The Calvary Firm & same address, running credit reports and the incidents are associated with phone calls from TFG law group about unpaid medical bills, & couriers trying to deliver legal docs.

This is a scam, just hang up, if it’s important they’ll leave a message or serve you in person not over the phone.

I am now a victim of identify information theft. All my credit accounts are now frozen & I’ve filed reports with the FTC as well. What a waste of a perfectly beautiful day.

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  • I received a voicemail about a debt that I supposedly owed. I called the number back and “Randy” too gave me the number to TFG Lawgroup – 877-617-8054 with a DA number. I called and spoke to a woman who said I owed $4,000 for my Chase credit card. I knew immediately that I did not have a Chase card.

    As we were speaking, she was going through my credit report. I spoke with her as I thought this was legit That is until I went to view my credit reports and see a Hard Inquiry from The Calgary Firm 555 W Country Club Ln # C165 Escondido, CA 92026. Now i’m worried about identity theft as this woman has all of my personal info.

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