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After nearly a year of calling and emailing the EDD and getting ABSOLUTELY NO response from them, I was EXHAUSTED and broke. I saw an ad on YouTube that mentioned this Relief Consultant company that deals with EDD on your behalf. So of course I took about a week and a half before calling them, to scope them out and consider my options. It was very easy to navigate and make my appointment. So I read their ENTIRE website, and set the date.

As scheduled, a women named Quyhn called me, and explained that if I get nothing, they get nothing.

So after our 20 minute consultation turned into an hour and getting my basic info, we set a time for the following day to get to work. Quynh worked with my uncertain schedule and called and texted me every day to keep me informed. Our calls were magic! We poured over my work hours, pay stubs, employers, pay periods, all of it. She helped my understand everything about the process. And when I say magic, I mean, this lady is a matha-magician. She was on EDD and made sure they found and fixed the problem and in about 9 days I was back paid my unemployment benefits.

I am so grateful to this company and to Quynh. I have referred them to many of my co-workers and family members who are having the same problems with EDD and they are getting the help they need now.

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