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Party Charter Perth – Party Charter Perth

partycharterperth Jun 11, 2021
We operate sensationally themed party bus vehicles across the Perth metro area and pride ourselves on being that little bit different to the rest.
We understand the importance of great transport, and setting the right mood to help create the perfect event.
If you want to get from…

Pang Chin Sing – SAP PS Consultation Services

jomatt Jun 11, 2021

Appeared convincing in SAP PS topic, however weak technical solution. Provide solution that is not sustainable to users.
Integrity and work professionalism issue.
Political in nature. Provide back-door consultation and causes conflicts.
Identify power source in client-project…

Qlink – My sim card arrived

Lonicolby Jun 9, 2021

I have indeed been sent my sim card and mybqlink service works perfectly. I however did not get it over night. It took a couple of months as I would completely understand they are probably overwhelmed with orders right now. But I don’t believe they are trying to scam anyone because you…


Ontex Australia PTY LTD – Ontex Australia PTY LTD

ontexhealthcare Jun 8, 2021
Ontex is a top worldwide personal health group. We engineer as well as make high quality items for Baby Care, Feminine Care and Adult Care and are the partner of choice for consumers, sellers, as well as institutional as well as personal health care providers around the globe.


Dog Breeder – LoveCraft Keeshond does not honor verbal contract

Wardlawcf Jun 4, 2021

Linda Neal (breeder) accepted me as a buyer after a questionnaire, phone interview and conversation with my Vet. I was number 6 on a list. The litter had 10 (she kept 2). We went in person to pick our pup at 6 weeks. We accepted her suggestion and was told the pups would be available in…


masstertruk Jun 2, 2021
Badoo doesn’t respect privacy

my account was blocked without a reason, the reason was just that i bought subscription and after Badoo got me Ban coz they earned from me already then they kicked me…

now trying delete my photos and personal data from…

DM Immigration Consultants In Dubai – BEWARE OF THEM

michelaugustin Jun 2, 2021

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY with these scammers. DM immigration consultants, just sell you sweet dreams. They did nothing for me, infact wasted my time, money and efforts. I would have opted for someone else but at first I found them good and professionals. I WAS WRONG THEU ARE BULLSHIT….


tohnmosesmoses Jun 2, 2021

FOR DM – DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY with these scammers. DM immigration consultants, just sell you sweet dreams. They did nothing for me, infect wasted my time, money and efforts. I would have opted for someone else but at first I found them good and professionals. I WAS WRONG THEU ARE…

Computechnologies – Merchant Is Correct

MerchantIsCorrect Jun 1, 2021

The merchant is right, how many times do we have to deal with people trying to play their games. Buyers are the real thieves. They will purposely lie to justify why they file fraud disputes. They will file disputes like non receipt just to steal the item. They will buy the product on the 1st… – I’m convinced they’re scammers

Greg318 Jun 1, 2021

I ordered a lawnmower part from these people through ebay on May 6 and my credit card was charged that same day. I ordered from them because they’re only 3-4 hours from where I live and I figured I’d get the part quickly. In fact, the very next day I was provided with a P.O. tracking… – RIp Off

alice-niles May 31, 2021

I made reservations for two nights in LAS Vegas and two nights in Reno. I received confirmation on the LAS Vegas stay but received no confirmation on the Reno booking. I sent an email requesting a confirmation on the Reno stay. I got it. It did a second booking at LAS Vegas. When I contacted…

Pep Boys – Theives

Chappybman May 30, 2021

Absolutely lied to my face several times over a simple issue to diagnos. Had a blown head gasket. For pep boys is was easier to say it was my radiator and scam 830$ from me. Every time I brought it back to say it’s still leaking they lied to my face and said it was a clamp. Total garbage…

Qlink – If you want QUALITY service, find another provider

Andi2 May 29, 2021

I had few problems with Qlink until, that is, when they supposedly “upgraded” to T-mobile. Since then, I my coverage areas were almost non-existent and while talking with friends or doctor office personnel, my calls would get dropped. I informed them via messaging on their site,…

NACA – NACA Interview

harriselectric May 29, 2021

Thanks so much for the feedback! We really appreciate the time you took to explain NACA detailed to the very last question. My local office is in Richmond, VA….


Lomer May 27, 2021

It will be great if your front desk team could understand client queries well for them to visit you. Especially when they are coming not just out of town but state and when they do visit after confirmation on call; either consultant/s are too busy to be courteous enough to even meet the client…

Optimal Health Products Inc – UNETHICAL COMPANY

Redcar0 May 26, 2021

Stay away from this business at all costs.
They do not honor their 60 day guarantee of “if unsatisfied they will issue a full refund.”
I contacted them prior to 60 days via email and 6 weeks later no refund. Just getting excuse after excuse.
The products StrictionD…

DM IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS DUBAI – No professionalism at all

EliaPoissonnier May 25, 2021

Initially the staff was very friendly but as soon as they started the process they moved to a different zone. No professionalism at all. I was also ready to pay in advance, but as soon as I came to know that they were fraud, I immediately left their office. I have been other consultancy too…

STEM CELL OF AMERICA – COMPLAINT FROM Gerald and Karen VerDuft, Kingman, AZ

vonkaygsd May 25, 2021


Wrangler Jeans – Wrangler Stretch Jeans

Scubasteve007 May 24, 2021

Hi, I recently (3-4 months ago) bought 4 pairs of the Mens wrangler boot cut stretch jeans. Love the comfort and fit. Recently every pair has developed a tear/rip near the back pockets, back inseam or front inseam. It isn’t from over work or abuse, simple weekly wear. Would really like…

DM IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS DUBAI – Scammer they always have a reason.

Dhruvv May 24, 2021

It has been over 2 years now we are with DM consultants and we are very ddissapointed. At the point when we return to consultants for any updates there is just reasons. The advertising leader need more data on the methodology before give guarantees which cannot be met on the primary gathering…

Outdoor Adventures – scam

shalnyj May 23, 2021

After being a member for 20 years and paying for the membership and then upgrading membership to lifetime so I could pass it on to my children which by the way they have no interest in now. I can not get a reservation 2 months out. Not only that they are now charging for a reservation which…

Rosemary Church – Flowers

R Church May 22, 2021
Hi I am appalled by the flowers my sister received on the passing of her husband.

They did not look like the ones in photo and I also ordered a card expecting my message to be printed or typed nicely into the card. But instead it was in really small print, thrown into the…

Fast global migration Consultants dubai – They are big fraud

arijitt May 21, 2021

Don’t believe anything they say.Fast global migration consultants will promise you highest level of service but only till they get your money. Even with installment option they offer, they won’t do anything until they get full payment and then will disappear. You’ll spend weeks…

DM Immigration Consultants – SCAMMERS MONEY SCAMMERS

Baniiali May 20, 2021
It was a wrong decision to sign up with DM immigration consultants Dubai.
They will call you and do the followups till they get money. I paid them and they did nothing for me.

When I requested for refund for doing nothing. They simply said it is not possible, check the…

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