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I ordered the Christmas tree 7-9 feet high with remote control this is the description:
“This innovative Christmas tree can be raised or lowered from 7 ‘to 9’ for easy ladder-free trimming using a remote control or the tethered foot pedal and can also be lowered for compact storage in the off season”,
but instead I got very small Christmas tree 40 cm in small plastic bag. I was buying this on the bigdiscouted.com. This page still exist and that promotion tree still there.
Yes, this is the scam company. I am going to dispute changes with my credit card.
That website has phone number 1-515-964-4157.
I was suspicious to believe that about the good discount, but I was buying after Christmas and was thinking maybe it could be, lets try. And it is scam. I do not believe that the return address to NY state is right. I just got this scam today. Will work on this tomorrow.

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  • I ordered a pair of Sea Breeze sandals and it took 7 weeks to get them. They are not what was pictured and are cheap made. I paid $26.37 for a pair of crappy sandals that do not fit and are poorly made. I will tell all my family and friends not to order from Theblinggift.com.

    • I too ordered the sandals and they sent them to a state and address over 1000 miles away and I can’t get my money back just the same emails over and over “please be patient we are in contact with the delivery service” Yeah, right! this has been going on since January and they won’t refund my money. Product ships from CHINA. DO NOT order from Theblinggift.com. Total scammers.

  • I ordered the flamingos in October I just received one box today wondering where all the other boxes are maybe you could look into it for me.

  • I ordered the see through glass and they are a rip off as you cannot see through things. They are ordinary glass. Either send me what you said or refund my money! SCAM!

  • The product I ordered had not arrived after several weeks. My credit card statement indicated I had been charged. After calling PayPal and filing a claim, the product arrived in two days. I then had to reverse the claim process. Better messaging by the vendor regarding delays could have saved me a lot of effort.

  • I ordered solar water fountain for bird feeder – Parts missing – instructions don’t match the parts that were enclosed- No phone # to call just this web site. I paid with pay pal – don’t order this product. Return address is LEE 147-03 182st., Jamaica NY 11413

  • another scam with colored cactus ,pictures made to look huge but small and less then 14 inches,stupid and worthless looking’
    why do they not block these web sites,unable to return will protest on my CC

  • I ordered the Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G case and not the PLUSE case. I was sent the pluse case. Case will not fit the Ultra.

  • These are not a proper size and are much smaller than they state. Don’t suppose I will ever get my money back but I am about to try.

  • Ordered metal yard decor that was suppose to be like a succelq
    T in vibrant colors and they do t look anything g like the picture. No receipt. No company name to be able to co tact company and send back

  • I received 2 pair of shorts for men today . unfortunately the size is much two small for a men even at XXL.
    I wish to return these items immediately and have the amount I paid returned to me ASAP.

    Thank you for your response.
    Ronald Klopp

  • I feel deceived. ordered a figurine (at least that is what it looked like on line) and all it is is a poster, I am very disappointed and I would like my money back. How do I do this to get my money back.
    Donna Searle

  • I have ordered this kitchen rug and it’s nothing shown in the picture you put on online . Rug length is short not long at all what you describe and I want my money back or I will call my bank for a credit on my card. Very Unhappy..

  • I have just received my wooden lady with dog and the women’s arm has broken off the body – it is just laying loose in the box . I am very disappointed in this as it was a birthday present for my daughter, whose birthday is 10th may. Could you please arrange for a replacement to be sent asap and also send instructions how to return the damaged item.

    Many thanks

    Julie atkin

  • i was expecting a small statue from this company and all i got was a large picture. what do they think they are that they can con people on face book and get away with it. God will deal with these crooks.

  • I just received my TINY TINY TINY rock look. I want to return it for a full refund, inc. any shipping amount. Ridiculous!

  • I want a total refund for my Thomas Kinkade order, I thought I was ordering 4 sculptures, it ended up being on paper. I am not satisfied with my order. Please return my payment for a total refund!! Thank you!

  • Received pair of Tactical Waterproof Military Shorts Invoice ID W6023EA8F-11995 wrong ticket for size Ordered marked as LARGE and the waist size is 34″ which is SMALL size.
    Please advise about exchange. Would prefer REFUND as these shorts are NOT OF QUALITY for the PRICE charged through PALPAL. Bruce D. Allanson e-mail [email protected]. Ordered March 28, 2021.

  • I ordered #1 Rechargeable digital novo 2x-1 with Bluetooth hearing aids both ears $78.00 + $1.58 shipping insurance + $12.08 tax order 217320210450834319405 The ones you sent me was Battery operated- not rechargeable you need to send batterys every month or send HEARING AIDS I Ordered Ordered on 4/5/2021 got on 5/4/2021 What a SUPPRISE I got when I opened boxes

  • The sandals that I ordered AGES ago arrived today!!🤔 They are ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!!! The straps are DEFINITELY NOT ELASTCATED, like in the description!!! Some are looser than others and in the wrong place!!! I would like an IMMEDIATE REFUND IN F ULL and if you send me a prepaid label I will return your sandals to you!! I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with this service!!!!!

  • I ordered a case for my riveting tool and received a plastic case with nothing inside to put the tool and rivets in like showed on website

  • J’ai reçu ma commande du pantalon taille L référence Z24-18-03 – F1234193-*BL
    Cet article est trop petit comment le retourner?

  • I ordered a metallic phone case for my Samsung phone and I opened it,it was broken. What do I have to do to get it replaced

  • I have received no response from your store since early April. I requested that you return the shorts which are not suitable in my size and I request that you return my money ASAP. As a true seller on line the least you can do if make some effort to send me your response .

  • I received a pair of shoes from Pixie Closet. The desription was Women’s Orthopedic Casual Platform Flat Comfort Shoes, Breathable Leather Walking Shoes High Damping Soles, 8 Unique Colors
    BROWN / 9
    order #8822528-PXE
    The shoes are not orthopedic in any way. the souls are hard and not bendable and the shoe does not fit the size that I ordered, also very poor quality. False advertising. I would like to be able to return. I am having difficulty reaching Pixie and their return policy is within 10 days.

  • I have responded to use on several occasions with no response from you concerning my purchase of 2 men’s shorts which are not suitable for me. The size is nowhere close to fit a man with a 38″ waist.

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