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I received a text from someone named Sarah Allen stating pretty much the same thing others had posted about a job interview for a position that I did not apply to. This company is a scam. Here are a few easy clues to watch for when not sure if the company is a scam or not…

1. Check grammar and punctuation. If there are many mistakes you know a reputable company would not have the first person you speak to have poor spelling and grammar, that is not professional.
2. Search the company name in google. Yes there is a SUPERSIDE but not a SUPERSIDE GROUP.
3. Search for the name of the recruiter on LinkedIn or on the company page. If you are unable to find them, there is a good chance they are not who they say they are. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool, therefore it is fishy if you can’t find them.
4. A company would never ask for personal information such as bank account before you are hired and filling out employee paperwork/tax information. Do not give that information away.
5. Ask questions. I asked what the position was that they were hiring for and could not find the job listing on the company page or Indeed. Again, if they are a reputable company you would be able to find this information quickly.
6. Trust your gut, if you feel like something is not right, do your research and do not get scammed.

I have attached photos to show examples of some of the items listed above such as poor grammar and lack of professionalism through text messaging.

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  • I was contacted as well by Super Side Group. This is a scam using a similar name to a legitimate company, Superside in Palo Alto, CA

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