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Received a letter from Sofia Gomez, an administrative manager at the vault of a financial and security institute in Barcelona, Spain. She is claiming to have discovered a 26.7 million dollar account of the late Alfred Singletary and that she can help secured the 26.7 million for me. She states that she will keep 50% of the funds, 10% must go to a Charity based in Spain and the remaining 40% is mine. She asks that only contact her husband By phone at 01134 631 463 661 Or by fax at 01134 935 207 451 And that not tell anyone of this account and plan to secure the funds. She lists her email as [email protected]

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  • My elderly father received the same letter although the “deceased’s “ last name is that of my father, but the first name remains the same “Alfred”. Telephone number 01134 631 696 202 is similar as well as the fax number 01134 935 207 614, but different. Oddly the signature at the bottom of the page looks as it is Chris for the first name and T something for the last…not anywhere close to Sofia Gomez.

By Scott


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