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I was told, “NEVER order a product through FaceBook Ads,” but yet I did. Of course it was a scam. I ordered this neat little handheld chain saw from a FB ad for $29.95 plus shipping. About three weeks later I noticed a package in the mailbox. Opened it and found a nice little hack saw for confined spaces, worth about $3.00. I thought that somebody accidentally mailed an item to the wrong person, but the return address of, “Mary (no last name), 10450 Pioneer Blvd. Suite 4, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670” seemed a little odd. Then after few days I noticed that the tracking app (also a potential partner in the fraudulent scheme) said my order was delivered, curiously on the same day I got the hack saw. It took me about 90 seconds to realize I had been scammed. The ad’s website link is broken, if it ever existed. Calls to the various businesses located at the Cali address proved fruitless (at least I found a marijuana dispensary operating there!). Google was little help. My emails are somewhere in cyberspace, still waiting for delivery and a potential response. I simply don’t understand why high tech companies like FaceBook and PayPal allow companies like Shixi and to use their platform when there have been hundreds of consumer complaints. I’m still waiting on my bank to process a fraud claim. In the meantime, I will block every FB ad I see. And if I ever get a real person’s identity who might have been involved, they should remember that I handle visa applications from Chinese nationals. Good luck on ever seeing America you [censored] ! Cheers !

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  • To whom this may concern,
    My name is Geraldine Smith

    My mailing address is
    HC 3 Box 4687
    Keaau, Hi 96749

    I have ordered a double sided frying pan on
    January 7, 2021
    At; 1:55 Hawaii time
    My ID or confirmation number is

    I would appreciate my frying pan or my money back soon. How long does it take to mail out my merchandise?
    Geraldine Smith

  • I received my order of plastic sink aids that fit onto intetnal sides of sink like an expandable shelf, however, they were cracked & can’t be used. They also have plastic rods etc that obviously need to be used to help hold items that attach to the item, however, ther r are no directions or pictorial diagrammatic aid etc to show how they would attach.
    I would like a refund of my expenditure of $52.11 US please,
    Regards Marilyn Kenaly
    Order no LZ 631850193CN
    7 Peberdys Rd Sandy Hollow NSW 2333 Australia.

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