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Please go to the link below to report them to the SBA. I have the attorney General for my state starting an investigation. This company has been confirmed a scam. You guys need to file complaints with the SBA, attorney generals and so on. Here’s the email I received from my investigation. Just to give you an idea of what’s going on. These people are stealing our money and not even a real business. The address on their website is fake, the phone number is auto routed to a place over sea. So please please report
Here’s the email
Dear Mr. Bartlett:

Your complaint to the Consumer Protection Division against SBA Disaster Pros has been received and assigned to me for processing. I have left a voice mail for you to call me regarding your complaint. I have reason to believe that this company is probably a scam. While I will reach out to SBA Disaster Pros, they may not respond if my inclination is correct. However, you need to report this to the SBA Inspector General. The website to file this complaint with them is:

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Your file number with our office is 21-02258. If you wish to speak to me regarding this situation, please feel free to contact me at the number listed below.


Linda Sullentrup


Consumer Protection Division

Office of Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

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