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This company is a total scam. I also ordered from them thinking that it was the original crocs company.
My order took a month before it arrived and instead of them coming in the light lavender that I ordered they came in a bright yellow. I immediately contacted the company.
these were their 3 responses copied and pasted
“We are so sorry for the trouble. It must be messed up during packaging time. As they are still good and wearable, could you please keep them this time or send them to your friend ?
And we will refund you 3% as they are out of stock now, hope you can consider it.
We didn’t mean to send the wrong goods. Please forgive that I am a single mother with four children. Could you please accept refund?”
“Sorry to hear that, since that, you can return the order for full refund , here is the return address:
#16 shuangshi village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan City, Guangdong Province , China 514600
Please let us know the tracking # and site after you do.
We will process the refund when we receive the return.
As we don’t have the return labels. If you want to return, you should pay a high shipping fee at your own expense, especially in the Covid-19 situation, it’s much hassles to return the items.
But we still hope you can keep the order with a 10% refund to avoid the hassles of returning, it will save much time and money.“
“Hi, Thanks for your email, we are on vacation now, we will reply you asap when we get back to work on 7th Oct.
Sorry about the hassles, your understanding and patience will be highly appreciated.
Best regards!”

This is Beyond ridiculous and unacceptable.
I will try to attach photos of more information

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  • I have had an almost identical experience from a bogus operator at this address. I ordered a jacket through what I thought was an authentic Patagonia (outdoor clothing) website that appeared in an advert on Instagram – the website looked identical to the official site but had a different name (, that I didn’t notice. My payment was taken through Paypal and after some time I received my delivery, which contained a completely different, unsuitable, poor quality fake Patagonia garment. I contacted the seller at this email address: Miles Velma [email protected] and these are the three emails that I have received in return (cut and pasted):
    #1 Sorry for this inconvience, there might be a mistake in packaging process.
    if the items are still good,wearable, would you please keep it.
    The return address is in China, it’s much hassles to return for exchanging, and it will cost you much time and money.
    If you do not want it, would you please gift to others or resell them, it’s good also.
    How about a 5% refund to close the issue? Please consider it.
    #2 As the cost of the product is high, and we paid for the high international shipping fee, The return address is in China, it will cost much time and money to return. how about 15% refund to close the issue?
    #3 Sorry to hear that, it will cost much shipping fee also, especially in the Covid-19 situation, it would be much hassles, how about 20% refund to keep the order?If you just want to return, here is the return address, when we receive the return, we will process it:
    #16 shuangshi village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan City, Guangdong Province , China 514600
    Sounds familiar??
    Needless to say, I will not be accepting any paltry refund and I will be binning the garment. I have reported this to Paypal who have opened a dispute with the seller – today Paypal contacted me to say the seller had offered a refund of £19 (which is a joke) which I have declined. So Paypal will continue to review the complaint.
    I have also reported the issue to Patagonia who have confirmed that the web site is fake.
    I will also be reporting it to Instagram to take down any adverts from this fake web site.
    I don’t know if I will ever get my money back but as a matter of principle I will not let these fraudsters get away with their activities without trying. But I don’t know what more can be done to stop them – I hope that the more people like us who report these addresses and names, the more chance there is of shutting them down.
    Good luck in getting your issue resolved.

  • Wondering if anyone has gotten this resolved. I have had the same experience, same emails, same “Patagonia” scam, but Paypal was not helpful.

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