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Victim Location 30241
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I get repeated calls regarding stating ” I am Tracy Kennedy with the offices of SAR & Associates who has been retained to handle multiple infractions under my name and social, if I wish to settle this matter without any further action we suggest you press one to speak with a live agent immediatley or return my call upon receipt of this message, my toll free number is 888-594-2764″

So, I called them back. The rep stated I had an balance due of $840 on a closed account that they were retained to collect. ( No specifics of course). Unlucky for them I already had been nailed by a ridiculous garnishment of wages suit from my divorce 8 yrs ago and had an attorney ready to discuss the issue. Once I relayed this message to the CSR, I was placed on hold which eventually ended up with them hanging up without ever picking the line back up. I have still received the same call, DAILY, with the identical message. When I answer, I am placed on hold and told the case worker associated with my number would be on the line….. then hung up on again.

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  • I just got a call today from that same number with the exact script you stated in that exact order. Then I checked them out and found your complaint. Thanks for the headsup.

  • This Tracy Kennedy had better stop calling my family. This had better stop today or else . I’m going to find her and put a stop to this myself.
    This SAR and associates better get their act together and stop this bullshit. Go find the real people who owe money like the scum bag Joanna Banks of Elkton MD. Don’t keep calling me . I’m warning you now stop it.

  • SAR and Associates are an extorsion and harassment company. I have tried repeatedly to deal with these professional liars for the last three months. They have no debts to collect under my name and social and they know it. All they can do is constantly robo call and harass. I would truly love to meet these cowardly criminals face to face. They would not like it one bit. Don’t waste your time trying to talk to them. All you will get is a lot of lies from professional con artists. They belong in prison with the rest of their kind. They are like roaches scurrying in the dark

By Scott


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