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Victim Location 11554
Total money lost $455
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was trying to make a purchase online at sent a payment through zelle,

Made a payment of 455.00 through zelle to [email protected] ,, after many emails-which I have saved

,including being asked to send a screen shot of my computer of my proof I paid , I did send. However the emails

kept going in circles and who ever was on the other side cursing at me with profanity, and threatening to get me arrested.

For what i don’t know? Trying to settle this matter -with this online retailer- he only keeps asking for screen shots of my computer

online banking. He doesn’t even recognize a copy of the receipt from bank with the transaction # He refuses to cooperate.

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  • I too have had a problem with First they won’t accept any payments through Paypal unless you send it Friends and Family( No recourse). Also other methods are cash only. Seems like an entirely different company does the payments. Unless it’s a couple of people with a storage shed. No credit cards in this day and age

  • After no response from the company since paying for the primers on the 18th and 20th. They were all over the emails “helping” me through the payment process and I have sent emails from the original email chain and then I went to the site to make contact through their contact us posting point and finally from my PayPal page with threats of my going to PayPal and pulling their covers about being in the ammunition business.
    Everything about paying them on PayPal screams of being a scam and I am looking at a loss of $350.00 in my desperation to find primers at a decent price.
    Buyers beware of Royal Ammo they are a scam outfit that will steal your money.

  • I didn’t actually make a purchase. However, I put several items in my cart. Items that no one else seems to have at a reasonable price. When I went to check out, all the red flags went up. The methods of payment are all types that make it extremely difficult to recover lost funds in the event of a scam or problems with the transaction. With the exception of certain platforms with limited or occasional sales, most legitimate merchants will set up with the major credit card companies even if they accept other forms of payment. With firearms and ammo the cost is just passed along to the customer and that is understood upfront. I did not complete my purchase as this site smells of fraud. BEWARE!

  • Buyer beware! I would not do business with Royal Ammo Shop. I tried to make a purchase through Paypal for $242.50. I sent the payment to but had to cancel it because they wanted payment sent to [email protected] and wanted it sent thru friends and family. I sent it thru goods and services and even though Paypal and my Discover Card says money was sent they act the y have not received it. I asked for their phone number and they advised they don’t take calls because they are too busy Issue still not resolved.

By Scott


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