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I ordered it on April 1st finally got it on May 05, 2021 It was shipped via China then put on a truck on April 20, 2021 from Carol Steams, IL and sent to Hebron, KY where it sat 9 days the loaded on another truck and traveled 3 days to Atlanta, GA before it was turned over to the post office. This company will rip you off

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  • I got the same thing but I ordered it from . It looks like both websites are the same company and they copy, then photoshopped the Stihl name off the photo, and pasted the revised photos on their websites. They even copied the description paragraph for paragraph. The website says 100% Happiness guarantee— well, I was not happy with the— chain saw —(and nowhere to put a battery)
    Mine was shipped from Los Angeles. When I complained I got an email from service dept . With each response I’d get a different answer. First offering was 10% off next order, then no refund since it was a “sale” item. Then they offered me 30% refund but I had to return it to the factory in China even though the website says not to return it to the factory, and would take 20 days before they might get it and then DECIDE if they’d give me a refund. Last email was an offer of 40% refund. I’m shipping it back to them and disputing the whole amount off my credit card. Will be complaining to BBB, FTC, and notifying Stihl– for copyright infringement– and anyone who will listen to me.

  • i bought the hand held chain saw on 4/27/20…sent an email a few weeks ago ands still no contact from them i just sent another one today 5/23/20so its been close to a month now…i get no response as to refund or the item i bought…are you your company going to do anything about this co. for the many people who are getting ripped off…i paid $25.99 for the saw…i have read a lot of stuff about this co. and it is a ripoff to all so what can we do for help…

  • I received the same thing. There solution is for you to spend $60 more money with them. They only offer 50% refund Bad website Rotten company Do Not buy frim them

  • i ordered one from facebook saying it a small battery operated chain saw. i found out it is a scam . dont order one . they sent me a small neck chain. and said if i wanted to buy the saw it was 79.dollars probably another scam. i ordered it on may 5th 2021

    • I order the item I never received, the handheld battery-operated chain saw, which hahdiy sent a thin piece of wire with a key ring holder on each end. I was told that I ordered the incorrect item; I save the confirmation page from the order with the picture of the item that I ordered; I forwarded a copy of the confirmation page to some email address of postmaster04 they still indicated that I inadvertently ordered the incorrect which is not true.
      Barbara, I received the same thing that you received. I am reporting them to BBB; this is a scam. They give a Houston, Texas address, but this is going to some ungodly place in china. This clearly shakes my confidence in ordering from unknown websites. I will purchase what I need from an American brick and martar store.

  • Exactly the same thing that just happened to me. I paid $26+ for a saw and got the same ‘garotte’. I think we all had better contact the Better Business Bureau.

  • Order number 7929 for three battery powered wood cutters has not been received.
    I ordered them on April 2ns\d and have not received them yet.
    I did receive the hummingbird lights that was on the same order.
    Please advise when I should receive the saws or a refund of $59.97 plus tax.

  • I ordered 2 of the 2021 newest chainsaw May 14th saw it on facebook , big scam , I ordered 2. I got 2 neck chain looking things, but didn’t say what is was. Could not track order, came from China. Biggest rip off ever.

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