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In May I ordered a diy cloissone painting enamored kit. Not only did it take a very long time to arrive, but I had to message support multiple times to even get the status changed from processing. It arrived today, but l came damaged and missing items. The bottle of enamel leaked making it impossible to open as it has fused to the wire and the bubble wrap. Furthermore, the main reason I purchased...

PSN Limited Liability Company –


Hello,I received the following email, and I gave them my address and they sent packages to my address but I am scared this meant be a scam… What do I do return the packages to the senders or ? The packing list is complicated with the Purchaser, payment origin, to shipper and more, it is too good to be true. Charles DillionTo:[email protected].ukThu, 1 Oct at 11:51Dear Sir/Madam,We are...



I ordered the drum that is shown in the picture at the top of this page. You can see it is about twelve inches in diameter, has a gold cord. The videos show someone playing a well tuned musical drum. After waiting for more than eight months, my drum finally came… not only does it not look anything like what I ordered, it is cast metal, and even the wrong shape.nit is so out of tune, that is...

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the $9.99 x oodles of us naïve purchasers, they’ve made thousands!after i made this purchase as well, i had several “subscriptions/membership” fees show up on my card, that i had not authorized…fortunately, i was able to dispute them. highly suspect that it was from this same organization, scamming folks.Shame on these people, shame on their lack of morals.

Hou Wenzheng –


On facebook, I saw what looked like a beautiful mug, saucer, and spoon, for tea or coffee. It arrived, after quite some time, with saucer broken and very thin mug & saucer. A total rip off. Not like it appeared to be. I had budgeted for it and was quite eager to receive it. I want my money back. Same Kentucky name & address.

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We purchase a dog from STARBOUTIQUEPUPPIES.COM, we paid $499 for the puppy through Zelle, then the next day, a shipping company named AMERICAN DOMESTIC FREIGHT contacted us with the tracking number and shipping detail. They contacted us again saying due to COVID 19, we need to pay for a puppy crate worth $998 through Zelle or CashApp, so the puppy will be protected. After paying $998 through... –


Victim Location 18640Total money lost $70Type of a scam Online Purchase I ordered twice from this company not realizing it was the same company until after my second order came. The company names were initially different. However, when I contacted them for a refund both times, I have been speaking to the exact same person via email. The first order, I thought I was getting a childrens pop up tent...

GM Ignition Switch Economic Settlement Claims Center –


After recieving my recall notice I went to LaFontaine Cadillac in Michigan, after they performed the recall problem with the ignition my 2000 Cadillac from time to time when starting the car the security light comes on, not knowing what would happen I have to turn the car off and restart so the light goes off. I’m not sure if I drove the car with the security light on if the car would turn...

Bichon Heavens –


Victim Location 34953Total money lost $800Type of a scam Online Purchase When contacting the seller to purchase a Bichon puppy, the seller was required a quick transfer from my checking account to their quick pay account. The seller required a transfer of $700.00 for the price of the puppy and $100.00 for shipping. I transferred a total of $800.00. After they received the money, they said that...

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Victim Location 23320Type of a scam Online Purchase August 29,2020 The detailed chronology below led me to conclude the above web site is a potential scam. It is provided to help others avoid the same mistakes, EARLY, and to urge them to follow the guidance provided on web sites such as Pet Scams-IPATA and I didn’t locate these sites until after the fact when I searched ‘puppy scams...


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