Whistland –


Victim Location 91786Total money lost $33.17Type of a scam Counterfeit Product They use social media to distribute click bait. Once you access their site, there is a catalog and a guilt functional website that allows you to make purchases from a barrage of items from clothing, housewares, to hardware to automotive knick knacks. You place an order and there will be confirmation sent to the email...

Friendlygoldendoodlepupshome –


Victim Location 45891Total money lost $1,770Type of a scam Online Purchase I was told I would be getting a golden doodle puppy I paid $850 US dollars for her on Upwork app to a John Daniel. And then I was told she was sent out by expressinterglobalshipping and then proceeded to say I needed a crate that was $940 and I sent $520 in WorldRemit app to Ngwe Desmond Ngwe then they said I needed...

Illinois Logistics –


Victim Location 51448Total money lost $500Type of a scam Employment I applied to this job and within 72 hours I was hired. They sent me a contract to sign through email. They had me send a copy of my drivers license front and back. The only contact i had with company was email or texts. I had 2 shipping supervisors. They even had different named people from HR and also accounting contact me...

Stocktee –


Victim Location 29431Total money lost $66.98Type of a scam Online Purchase I placed an order for a pair of Fox Racing Sneakers, I paid for the item and shipping and once order was placed I have not received the item. It said I would receive a confirmation email and I have never received that either. I have attempted to call the number listed and no one ever answers and there is no way to leave a...

Cryptotradefx24 and Coinbase App –


Victim Location 87144Type of a scam CryptoCurrency I met Simiaya M. Abba through a facebook ad. She promises to pay but then waits till you’ve invested before any fees are mentioned. Even now she is refusing to pay me my profit even though my profit fee is paid in full. She claims that is because Bitcoin keeps going up, and had been giving me time to earn what I supposedly needed to pay...

DTC Motors Group –


Victim Location 55901Type of a scam Online Purchase Boat advertised on Craigslist. After inquiring about it, scammer responded with an email, I will copy the full text of it below. He directed me to a consignment company – DTC Motors Group to handle the entire transaction. The website looks really legit but something was not adding up. I searched for the business entity and it was just...

Iyogi Support –


Victim Location 46516Type of a scam Tech Support Received below email for a purchase i never made and a service i have never used: Dear Customer; Greeting from Iyogi Support Please be inform that we have renewed your Computer support and anti-virus security for upcoming 2 year, we have charged you $441.99, and within 24 hours, you will see a charge from Iyogi Support We would like to inform you...

DoggyPit –


Victim Location 73110Total money lost $19.82Type of a scam Online Purchase
Ordered this supposedly great dog bed online from DoggyPit on Nov. 22, 2020. It supposedly shipped Nov. 25, 2020. It is now Jan. 12, 2021 and I have not received the bed. No response from customer service.


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