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I ordered a Cuisinart TOA-60 air fryer from this site for $112, a great price. I received an email from them confirming my order, confirming my payment via PayPal.

Nearly a week went by without any additional contact from them. I had been emailing them for a few days asking about shipping and delivery dates, but received no response.

Finally I warned that if I received no response by the end of the day I would elevate my concerns to PayPal. As you might have guessed, no response.

I contacted PayPal to express my concerns, but stated I still wished to have the product. I looked at RHD’s website and saw the item was out of stock.

The next day I get emails from PayPal saying my payment has been refunded.

Out of curiosity, I then went to RHD’s website and looked up the product. Gee… the product is now in stock for $152, which is $40 Or 36% more than I paid, and more in line with the price offered by other sellers.

I believe the seller realized that he underpriced the product and figured he could sell it at a higher price, so he ignored me and effectively backed out of the sale.

What a lousy and unethical way to do business! Please tell everyone you know about the way Real Home Deals does business.

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  • My bank statement: 11/24. 11/22 PayPal *Shixinetwor 4029357733 card 6581. $24.88 two times same day.
    Do not know what these charges are for. Could get no satisfactory answer from PayPal.
    Will turn in to BBB.
    Thank for your help.

By Scott


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