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Robocall from 1-833-577-7530, said “This is his arbitrator Mr Miller with p.t. account services attempting to contact … in regards to a pending motion scheduled to be filed with the county clerk’s office. You may hold to be transferred to the office or contact us directly at 833-577-7530 and you will need to reference found number and … you have officially been notified good day.” 12/09/2020

The person they were asking about is a distant relative. I called the number back and “Mr Miller” picked up immediately and identified himself. I let him know that the person they were looking for was not affiliated with this phone number but I could relay a message. To this, Mr Miller said “don’t worry, this matter has been sent to the County and all actions will go through the County. Your number has been removed rom this account and you will no longer be hearing from us.”

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