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Victim Location 28669
Total money lost $80
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Shows great product pictures online; however, leather shoes are plastic with bad chemical smell. Shoes have not markings in the shoe or on bottom of shoe. They arrive in cheap plasic and I ordered 3 pair and they arrived in 3 different sizes. Also the packaging was in a bag piece of plastic and no packing slip and the only identifier is the label from postal service.

I made an attempt to ask for a refund; denied since the shoes are in the sizes I ordered and quality or bad smell is not a reason to refund. They could not identify any issue with my order. I am attaching a close up of one pair of the shoes, if you go online an look the picuture, you will see what was shipped is not what they advertise.

I am aware of Buyer Beware; but when shoes are advertised as Orthopedic, leather, comfort-I am asking for a way to help to prevent someone else from wasting money or at least warning added to their website or something. I wish you had more spaces to add pics.

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  • I got scammed also my lost is $98.85 dollars
    Why all these ghost companies can be created on internet
    Why is there no regulation to create business? Who controls these issues?
    I can create a fake company and get people money with just no crime done?
    I am so sad…

  • I’m guessing I will be responding to Ladies..
    #1. File a police report!
    #2 In email form, demand your refund. Keep ALL forms of contact.
    #3. Who or however you paid, go back to that card service and file a grievance and request a “pull”.
    They can take your money back!!
    And in the future, check out places like “Pissed Consumer” before jumping in the deep end 1st.
    Check out the BBB, for the company listed area. Consumer Affairs.
    A good way to make purchases online, link your payment method with Paypal. I understand they fight tooth & nail for their patrons.
    There’s way too many con’s out there. Be safe! Smart! & Diligent!!

    • Thank you. So glad I checked further. My clue was confusing website with shoes named wrong, boot, sandal etc…

      • The shoes ordered from pixiecloset on May 18, 2021 are not the shoes which I received today, 06-11-2021 from pixiecloset.com. Their ad states, and the shoes I ordered were listed as “leather, Dr. Care Zapatos Embroidery Orthopedic Comfy Slipper Wedge Sandals from pixiecloset.com.” What I received is not the same shoe, it is not leather, has a chemical smell, is not the product I expected or ordered. I am tired of ordering online and being burnt by Chinese companies that don’t give an indication that this is being ordered through or from China. There is no marking on the shoes to show the size, or the “brand.” I tried to find an address for this company, but my computer doesn’t even provide a workable link. I guess my next step is to check with PayPal for a refund!

  • Regarding April 2021 purchase. Two pair of shoes arrived. Too small. The company is not honoring their posted website promise of 100% satisfaction guarantee and are giving me the ongoing delay run around. Writing this to help prevent others from this same problem. This company is a big scam. Buyer beware 500%.

  • I too ordered shoes that I thought would be of good quality, but when I received them they were wrapped in plastic (not enclosed in a box) without any paperwork enclosed. I was not given an option to return these cheaply made shoes. There was never an invoice stating the price or what the product I had ordered. I am trying to get my refund and was given a phone number from my credit card company that is not in working order……surprise, surprise !!!! I will return the shoes if I am guaranteed a credit !!!

  • Hi, this is Carol Lozano,
    I had ordered 2 of the black running shoes in a women size 6 us (36) , but I was sent a size 5 (35).
    They are to small and would still like to get the size 6 us (36),
    What do I need to do to get the right size sent to me.

  • I too found the shoes not as portrayed! Looks like return policy is only if they are defective/damaged. Shame on this company!

  • I ordered a pair of sneakers and got the wrong order. I ordered sneakers with stones in it and got a smelly pair of sneaker socks
    I want my money back as these flimsy shoe socks r not wearable
    Please respond to this as this was false advertising
    and I am very disappointed
    Thanks for nothing
    Marcy Krieg

  • I have been trying to get Pixie to send me a refund for 2 pair of shoes purchased April 23. The do not fit and are not a true size. The “leather” is very thin and the shoes smell of a chemical. They are also stained on one of the wedges. They keep asking for more and more photos and information. I keep sending what they want and they insist they have to discuss this with the production department. I am so upset and frustrated trying to get my $66.22 back that I do not know where to turn. I have no address in the US and they do not answer any phone calls. I hope anyone reading this will not order shoes from this supplier as you will not get what you want and will not be able to contact them for a refund.

  • I found where these shoes are shipped from:
    Shipping Dept – 5215 S. Boyle Avenue, Vernon California
    I found the name of the person doing the shipping – Stanley Kim
    I found his phone number: 323-589-7800

    Anyone wanting to get in touch for their problem, information was confirmed when I called there today. However, the person said Mr. Kim was not available but to call back tomorrow.

  • I ordered shoes on april 15, 2021- 3 pairs. Total $87.87 Paid with my account was withdrawn from the aaccount immediately. I have no proof of order or account number. NOTHING! All I have is the withdrawn $ purchase to you from my account. I have emailed and called to no avail. This is not right! Why are you doing this to innocent people trying to help with your business. Have the decency to at least reply.

  • On order # 8826537*PXE I only purchase the FULLINO Sandals ONLY. You sent Me AZZY ‘s that I DID NOT order, never even looked at them. You charged me $35.96 that is Not my order and would like that re-imbersed on my credit card, please. Thank You.

  • I also purchased a pair of shoes and also got dooped. The product I received is not the same as the one advertised the inside of the shoes have the strong chemical smell like they were just spray painted, the quality is extremely poor. Buyer be ware!! don’t fall for it.

  • I also purchased a pair of shoes and also got dooped. The product I received is not the same as the one advertised the inside of the shoes have the strong chemical smell like they were just spray painted, the quality is extremely poor. Buyer be ware!! don’t fall for it.

  • I concur completely. The shoes are cheaply made and they send whatever they want in different sizes. Their return policy is ridiculous. And after buying and trying them on I knew right away they are definitely not orthopaedic… I have Vionics which are great. They are comfortable and well made. If these idiots would do it, I’ll I would send them four pair of their trash in exchange. Of course I’m assuming the avionics are actually nog a cheap knockoffs. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!! I think if I just tried walking in them, I probably would fall and break my neck!!!!! By the way, I lost a 149.00. I was going to just write if off but after what. everyone posted, it seemed wrong to not report.

  • DO NOT purchase anything from this company. Others comments about their shipments, awful product and not as perceived as in their advertising are ABSOLUTELY True.

    Their reply to my request to return is:

    “We are sincerely sorry that our product did not meet your expectation. Our Fulfilment team has checked the pictures you sent. However, I am afraid we cannot accept your request as we sent you the right item you ordered. Please understand that as much as I want to help you, I have to follow our policy. According to our policy, we can only accept the return if your received item has faults due to our ends like damaged item, wrong item, or defective item. Our policy is stated at www.pixiecloset.com/pages/return-refund-policy

    As you know, when you return the shoes, shipping fee will be at your own expense and shipping contains many risks as well. Hence, could you reconsider and keep the shoes? If you accept with my option, we really hope you can accept our 15% refund and 30% discount code for the next purchase on our website to choose your correct size) as a sincere apology because we could not support you more. In terms of the item you received, you can use it as a gift for your relatives and beloved person.

    Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

    Customer Support Pixie Closet ”

    I don’t want their 15% refund or the 30%discount code. I will not be that stupid again.

  • Yes, I purchase Orthopedic sandals, gave my card has not received sandals visa said it is on my bill cannot find out any shipping on the shoes maybe you can help me?

  • Same thing happened to me with the same problems. This vendor is definitely a scam selling with false advertising and extremely cheap shoes. Orthopedic shoes is blatant false advertising. They should be put out of business.

  • I am having the same problem. I have order I pair of shoes and can’t get them just to exchange for the correct size. So I tried to order another to pair in the correct size tho k they would exchange the one pair. Nothing I think they should not be aloud to continue advertising on Facebook. I can’t seem to find a name for the company

  • I had the exact experience. They had the nerve to write back and say the shoes were synthetic leather because they didn’t want to harm the animals🙄 the shoes smelled like chemicals and they certainly weren’t orthopedic! I expect they have a loophole for every complaint so l guess l won’t be getting my money back.lesson learned. BUYER BEWARE AND READ THE REVIEWS..

  • I ordered A pair of orthopedic sandals two months ago and never received them. Tried contacting them and was advised to be patient . Have given up on ever receiving them. Advised my daughter who wanted a pair not to buy anything from them. It’s a scam.

  • I ordered a pair of Women’s Orthopedic Casual Platform Shoes, Breathable Leather Walking Shoes High
    on line. The shoes is not what i thought it was. I have flat feet and the shoes do not support my arches.

    I would like a refund. I can not wear the shoes.

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