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Do not trust this company
Do not trust this company. They are very sneaky— advertising strategically. In my case, I searched for “most comfortable sandals” and clicked on a Good Housekeeping article with 15 Most Comfortable Sandals of 2021. The article included pictures and links, and Pixie Closet’s advertisement was included in the list so that it appeared to be one of the 15. Super cute shoes and when I clicked, I found even more cute shoes. I had been shopping the day before and had seen sandals marked at 1/2 off, making them around $30-35, so when I saw the same prices at Pixie Closet, I got excited. They had great info about orthotics and comfort— all great selling points. The “order now” time limit should have been a sign NOt to trust them, but I assumed they only had a limited stock at that price. So I placed the order.

Almost immediately I received a confirmation email that stated it would be up to ten days before they began production, and then to allow up to 6 weeks for delivery! Summer would be halfway over by then, plus, I would be way out of the threshold of returning them. So I replied to the email: “Please cancel.”

I called my CC company and they said unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to help. Thankfully, I used PayPal! I called them, and they filed a dispute.

Then Pixie closet emailed and said they understood I wanted to cancel, but because I had already filed a dispute with PayPal, they would not be able to refund. But if I would cancel the dispute with PayPal, they would refund, less a 30% processing fee! Over $55 when I literally tried to cancel moments after placing the order! Knowing PayPal was also working on it, I ignored and got a second email saying that because I had not canceled the dispute with PayPal, they would send my order anyway!

I called PayPal again and they told me to ignore any correspondence from the seller. I later heard from PayPal that they have resolved my case in my favor and are refunding the full amount.

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