Pearlgobuy –


Victim Location 48202
Total money lost $75.98
Type of a scam Credit Cards

This email is being sent trying to get an issue resolved

From Pearlgo technology

Good morning

Thank you for the response.

I’m sorry for the confusion concerning my order.

So far a payment of $75.98

was taken out of my Michigan First Credit Union Visa account payable to pearlgo technology.

not PayPal??

So far I have not receive the order in the mail.??

The second order was denied by my credit union.

no funds were taken out.

If I order from you again it will be from PayPal.

Peace. ********  ******* See copy below

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From: [email protected]

Sent: Monday, April 6, 2020 11:29 PM

To: ******** ******* Subject: Re: Follow up regarding

Hi ******** *******,

Sorry, we still can’t find your order.

Can you send a screenshot of your payment information that PayPal has sent to you?

It has your shipping address and billing address.


Chilli Huang

?? ???, 6 ?? at 10:17 PM , ******** ******* *?:

Order #157908 (2 items)

This item has already cleared through my Visa

I will keep this item because you contacted me.

as for

#132288 (1 item)

this item

I will be able to pay through PayPal

So I would like to keep both

Thank you for responding. It took you a long time????

My Email

[email protected]

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