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I’ve been going to the Park Slope Center for Mental Health for several years. It was never that good, there were problems. But now it’s worse. The place is dysfunctional, disorganized. The staff are rude. I lost my phone service a few months ago having used up my minutes on a different, but equally serious matter. I didn’t have an alternate phone in which to contact the phone’s carrier to buy more minutes. I wrote and asked the administration at PSCMH if I could come in and use their phone since I didn’t know anyone who would agree to my using their’s.

Their answer was not to respond. I couldn’t even find out if anyone was in the office. I’d sent letters first by regular mail, then by certified mail return receipt requested. All I did was waste postage. I never even got the green card back. I made it clear that this was an emergency. Finally the therapist whom I’d been seeing texted me. I still had texts. She told me that I couldn’t use their phone. No explanation, just no. I didn’t have a computer, so I couldn’t have a virtual session.

I was forced to spend time and car fare to come in to have a virtual session. This therapist is the 6th one I’ve been through. One went on to become a supervisor, and happened to be the one I wrote to, that didn’t respond. The next one left after a year. The next one didn’t work out and she left. The one after that wasn’t there 3 weeks before she baled. The one after that turned out to be pregnant but never said anything until just 2 weeks before going on maternity leave for 6 months. She was clueless. The next one never comprehended anything, and always expected me to realize that other people had problems.

Whether I realized this or not, this was supposed to be about my life and situation. I was forced to buy a prepaid airtime card to upload minutes, but I didn’t have an alternate phone. This therapist’s idea was to usea kiosk since it was available and free.I tried, but with all the noise from traffic and people and weather it was impossible. I finally reached the phone’s carrier through their Facebook page.and chat. When the therapist asked if I uploaded the minutes, I was so disgusted and enraged I told her no. Which was true, I didn’t use the kiosk. She obviously knew that I wasn’t being truthful, since she called. But I refused to answer. She just kept it to herself. I asked why we couldn’t use texts to hold the sessions. Her response was that it was illegal. That didn’t make sense to me, so I looked it up and found out that it wasn’t illegal.

In some cases it’s just about something called HIPPA. Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Some therapists don’t see texting as a problem. Since she never has been open or honest, I don’t know what her excuse was. If I needed assistance just with something minor it was one excuse after another. She was ready to delegate the responsibility to someone else. Who did the same thing, until I felt like a football being tossed around, because no one wanted to do anything. That’s all they were doing, dodging and evading having to do anything. They were only interested in CYA. There was no concern for the needs or wellbeing of the patrons. They completely ignored the seriousness of the situation and showed a callous disregard. Not even the State Office of Mental Health would do anything. The so called rules of how these facilities are set up and run, as well as the whole mental health field are arbitrary and don’t take into account the needs of the individual. There is a disconnect between the established mental health industry and mental Health consumers, which allow facilities like this to get away with things like this.

By the very fact that she didn’t bring up things shows a lack of interest and ethics. She was always pumping me for what would be discussed in the session. There was no attempt made to do anything. If I needed help with anything or assistance with something, I was left to figure it out on my own. They were never to blame when something went wrong. When someone is alone with no friends or family to rely on, no support system to count on, they’re in trouble. All PSCMH was doing is passing the buck. They knew what I was going through, yet they didn’t lift one finger to do anything. She made it clear that if I didn’t talk to her even about nothing, I could just leave the program. She didn’t care about my problems or concerns, some of which are very serious. It was like talking to the wall. This wasn’t about helping someone, it was simply about numbers, seeing how many people they could get into the center for funding. Whether anyone received help wasn’t important.

Each therapist has to go through training, which I assume means a protocol on how to dodge and evade doing anything, using as the excuse ” we aren’t allowed to do anything “.

This therapist seems to be devoid of any ability to think and reason for herself, just follow orders, except when it comes to making excuses.

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