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Jinzhou Hengchuan Network Technology Co. Ltd. –


I too was ripped off by Jinzhou. I ordered a 3 piece blanket and pillowcase set from the luckylamb website, one of the many fronts for Jinzhou network technology co., limited, back in november. It was 58.99 for a 3 piece full/queen bed set and was to have free shipping. First red flag was they charged me for shipping so i had to contact them about it. Thankfully they did refund the 5.99 shipping...

Pet Paradise –


Scammer’s phone UnknownScammer’s website [email protected]Scammer’s address UnknownScammer’s email UnknownCountry United StatesType of a scam Online PurchaseInitial means of contact Not applicable I seen this ad about a “life-like” ad about 2 or 3 kinds of miniature dogs. A tan one, a dark reddish brownish one maybe cocker spaniel, another, a grey and...

You Got It Doods –


Scammer’s phone 2704054498Scammer’s website’s email [email protected]Country United StatesType of a scam Online PurchaseInitial means of contact Website You Got It Doods Continues with $24,000 puppy scam You Got It Doods is continuing with unethical puppy breeding, fraud and false advertising. As of today, 7 bordoodle puppies are listed...

Allwaytech Wan Chai Ho –


Compré 2 pares de zapatos el 06/05/20 y los recibí, después de pleitear muco con ellos, el 28 de julio. Son pequeños, no me caben. Estoy desolada, no encuentro la página web en facebook, ha desaparecido, solo tengo una dirección de mail [email protected], de la que no recibo más que excusas.

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Funpinpin –


Total scam. I ordered a “Beautiful Sea Glass Christmas Tree” for $51.99 and received a piece of plastic junk, not worth the additional shipping cost of $7.99. The way they get you is that they knowingly ship a piece of junk from China. Of course, you don’t know it’s a piece of junk from China. Because it’s from China, not much Paypal can do. So, they steal your money...

SBA Disaster Pros –


Please go to the link below to report them to the SBA. I have the attorney General for my state starting an investigation. This company has been confirmed a scam. You guys need to file complaints with the SBA, attorney generals and so on. Here’s the email I received from my investigation. Just to give you an idea of what’s going on. These people are stealing our money and not even a...

Chicmatchy –


Victim Location 28079Type of a scam Online Purchase It’s a Bait & Switch. They show you one thing, but send another. The items sent were NOT the items I ordered and was charged for. I specifically checked the website description which states the pajamas are 95% cotton 5% spandex. The items sent are very poorly made 95% polyester 5% spandex with NO cotton content. Now in order to get a...

Non Stop Delivery LLC (N.S.D.) – Worst shipping experience ever!


United States Consumer reviews about Non Stop Delivery LLC (N.S.D.) Non Stop Delivery LLC (N.S.D.)United States Worst shipping experience ever! Ordered a large screen TV on Amazon and unfortunately they assigned shipping to this horrible shipping company, which should be renamed to Never Stop Delivery! They gave a 12 hour shipping window on Friday 4/17/21 and never called...

Headbands and buttons –


Order placed 12/31/20. Items never received. As of today, no refund yet. They are using numerous platforms to scam people and I have reported them to my states Attorney General. I hope they take steps toward a class action suit as thosands of people have been scammed. Seller uses Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, and the internet for selling under various names.

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Victim Location 97457Total money lost $149.99Type of a scam Online Purchase
thought i was getting a very good deal on an rc car. after getting the initial receipt for the purchase, have not gotten any emails back, no phome calls back and no other information about my putchase im pretty sure its a scam

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