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Ordered a replica steam engine for a Christmas gift, saw the add on Facebook (should have been my first red flag), used PayPal to purchase, they sent a cheap charging cord. I dealt with their customer support that subsequently offered refunds in the 20%, (declined), 30% (declined) 40%, declined, and finally 50%, which was also declined. I demanded a full refund as I don’t support fraud. PayPal merely looked at the fact of the shipping label made and item delivered, even though I had submitted a photo of the evidence (see pic) with the shipping package, they sided with this thieving company. The advertisement has been pulled, I can not find it on FB. My records of the incident are in the hands of PayPal. I loose, they loose in the long run, account will be closed and reviews will be brutally honest. Michael Murphy

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  • I had the same problem with the so called steam locomotive
    assembly kit what I received was no more than a childs toy
    taken up a dispute with paypal which is quite complicated
    and annoying when its so obviously a scam

  • I ordered the stair step for our dogs and they sent me a cheap $2.50 dog leash, and my order confirmation says I ordered the stair steps. I’m fighting now to get my money back.

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