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Scammer’s phone 8613610242752
Scammer’s address Dept.CA #20, Bldg 2 5215 South Boyle Avenue Building 2, Vernon, CA 90058
Scammer’s email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

I was sold a Lithium Battery Cutting Saw for $16.99 (+) $6.99 shipping – total $23.98 from an ad from HongKong Chuxing Tech who sold me a GTA 26 Battery Powered Wood Cutter for $19.99 (+) $8.99 shipping- total $28.98. These were sold from the same ad on the same day at the same time. I was unaware they were using 2 different names or calling them 2 different product names. They sold me the 1st one for $28.98 & then offered the 2cd for $23.98 because I purchased 1. They reimbursed me the $28.98 but kept $23.98. I purchased through PayPal, so far PayPal is not standing behind or contacting me on the 2cd product. I purchased them in Nov. & have not received the saws or batteries to date. The address for HongKong Chuxing Tech is: Wingfield, 339 Shanklin Road Xian City, XIAN Xi 710000 China

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  • Do not buy anything on facebook many are scams offering items for a tenth of the price I brought a table saw for £21 worth £400 in a supposed boxing day offer but have recieved nothing dispite a number of emails confirming the purchase.

  • I am in the same predicament. I order a small foldable treadmill as advertised and paid a total of £21.48 and I was sent a gym bag which i returned. I have sent so many emails for y refund but nothing. I think this company is not a genuine site

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    January 10, 2021
    Payment to:
    [email protected] Payment from:
    Gloria Bugaj
    [email protected]
    Invoice ID:
    Shipping Address
    68528 Elm Street P O Box 253
    Lansing, OH
    Quantity: 1
    Item: The best assistant for new parents – Rocking Chair for Baby
    ID Number:
    Price: $19.99 USD
    Subtotal $19.99 USD
    Shipping $7.99 USD

    You paid using: Mastercard x-1818
    This credit card transaction will appear on your statement as PAYPAL *OUYIGROUPLI OU.
    I still have not received it please send it or return my money

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