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Hi, I ordered a glass decanter 15.12.20 $26.98, invoice Id 68311-NUZ83026, transaction id 83895166RE312251L, ouyi group ltd, never received it, no tracking number emails to and fro, told to be patient, as delays , still not here, very disappointed, as this is the 4th time this has happened from China, although advertisers are in the uk 🤬

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  • I ordered a handheld laser engraver & cutter. order number is YT2100521272078552 and I paid 37.53 Canadian total and received a 2 dollar fucking piece of shit seat belt cutter. This is the worst scamming plkace I ever have been ripped the fuck off from. I wish I could get a refund but we both know that will never fucking happen at all.

  • I ordered a kneeling pad/stool 12-09-2020 transaction # 1S5825341A9555645. never did get it and when I checked it out they said it had been delivered. The post office said it had been delivered in my mail box. The only thing I got in my mail box was a 3 0z. tool pouch that would have fit over the arm of the kneeling chair. No chair. When I e-mailed them about it all I got was a message saying it was delivered in my mail box. No Way that chair could have been delivered in my mail box! Also ordered a saw that never came. They didn’t fail to charge my credit card for them though.

  • I ordered a laser engraver from OUYI. The package was supposed to include the laser module, a stand, protective shield, goggles, USB cable, adapter, and user manual. Thank goodness the US Postal System sucks as badly as it does! The Chinese sender FINALLY sent a tracking number (two weeks after I had filed a Paypal claim for non-delivery) but it showed the item stuck in Los Angeles for some reason (I live in Georgia.) Five weeks after I filed the case (and eight weeks after my order) and with no delivery of my purchase, Paypal found in my favor and returned my money. Just in time: the package arrived here the same day, but without ANY of the above items, only a plain pair of shop safety glasses (not even the laser-protective kind) worth about a dollar.


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