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My name is Anders Jensen. I am the Head, Nykredit Bank sales department. Please read carefully as I am going to explain in detail why I mailed you. Craig died in an auto-mobile crash on March 15, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recently, an audit was carried out by Nykredit team of auditors, and the report shows that the Craigs account with an initial deposit of 22.8 million Euros, deposited in 2010 have been in dormant for the past year as no beneficiary have been presented by his lawyer.

I have contacted the personal attorney, and he confided in me that the deceased Craig was never married and had no kids. He migrated into the Denmark a long time ago as an orphan. His financial investments in the bank will be declared nontransferable if I submit the report of the audit. 

As the head of the sales Unit and Craigs formal bank officer. I have contacted you because my research also showed that you have similar Last Name as Craig. 

With my experience as a Banker, the deceased lawyer, and you with same last name, We would be able to present you to the bank as the legal beneficiary to his account, if you are willing to proceed with this transaction, 


Do understand that in collaborating with me and his attorney to get his account released it will be a mutually benefiting process. As soon as I receive your consent and willingness to proceed, I will send you further details on how to contact the attorney and the other processes that will be required.

Do note this a very sensitive information and your ability keep it very discreet is paramount to its success. The mode of sharing, will be 50% for you 20% for the lawyer, and 30% for me. If you have gone through this mail and you feel it is well understood, please get back to me with your decision to proceed with this claim, so I can inform you on how to proceed. 


Hope to hear back from you pretty soon. 

Anders Jensen 

+45 36 99 78 34 

Nykredit Bank 

Copenhagen Denmark 

From: ABGPUNCHIE punchie candy man
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Is this legal tell the lawyer to contact me get sum understanding 

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