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Victim Location 10314
Total money lost $13.66
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On July 9, 2020, I purchased a product that is supposed to remove belly fat called Number One Keto. I expected to receive

one bottle containing 30 capsules, Order #25DA8CCB72 at a cost of $6.84. I received one bottle containing 60 capsules and

another bottle of Number One Detox, also containing 60 capsules at a cost of $6.82. Neither bottle states “FDA” approved.

On July 26, 2020, I received notification by Chase Bank that a charge was attempted for $89.84 and $89.82. This company,

without my knowledge or approval attempted to charge my bank account for additional monies. The two $6 plus charges had

already gone through my credit card and while I did not order the Number One Detox Capsules, I planned to keep these for

a minimal amount of $6.82. Further, the Number One Keto Capsules do not work. This company is fraudulently selling capsules

of God knows what contents. The return address label on the capsules I received shows: Ship Ninja, Number One Keto, 1315

Oakfield Dr. 4380, Brandon, FL 33509. Please stop this company from selling and profiting enormously off this bogus product,

not approved by the Food & Drug Administration. I closed this credit card account with the bank to prevent this company from

charging further unauthorized amounts. I would like to get my $13.66 back for these products, if possible.

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