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Firstly I would like to make clear because of the communication I have personally received which I perceive to be threatening, that this review is how I personally viewed my experience. I thought about not writing this review, but I feel it’s important for others to know what I have experienced to prevent it from happening again. I know I feel extremely threatened and have received communications in what I believe is an attempt to try to silence me. This is just my side of the story and how I experienced it, but every story does of course have two sides, which no doubt will be posted as a comment below my review.

In my opinion, the program which I joined the Wealth Accelerator Mentorship was the biggest waste of money and a huge, huge mistake, I personally believe I could have found exactly the same information from reading a book or looking at websites online. I won’t lie when I first found Michelle Stonhill, I was felt amazed by the life portrayed and what I perceived to be promises of helping women to rapidly achieve wealth. On our first discovery call I was drawn to what I felt was Michelle’s excitement to help me achieve my goals and when I first started the program I too was excited to get going. I recall on the discovery call her telling me I could achieve success quickly and that she had helped women to achieve £10k months within 4 months of joining, who wouldn’t want that! During the call I feel I made it clear I was struggling financially and didn’t have the full money to participate in the program, I told her I would need to speak to my husband. She responded in a way which I felt was coercion by informing me there wasn’t much space left in the next intake and that I would need to act fast if I wanted it. She arranged to call me back the next day to take the next steps. In hindsight I feel throughout this call I was made to feel inadequate if I didn’t step up and almost as if I didn’t do this I wouldn’t be successful.

I then signed what I felt was a very badly written contract, which having looked through afterwards features no company registration details, registered address or contact details other than an email address, I feel in my mind had I not felt so brainwashed I would have seen alarm bells ringing at this point. I was then enrolled in the program to start in September 2019.

When I first joined I was disappointed to find that the bespoke 1-2-1 sessions were actually only two sessions lasting 1hr, what I perceived to be a significant time apart in the program. I felt for the amount of money spent that the level of 1-2-1 support was very poor and in no way bespoke. When we had the first 1-2-1 session I felt rushed and all I was offered were four different types of people I could work with to build my online business, I expected there to be more support and advice around strategy and the practicalities of taking this forward to build and develop my actual program and the strategy to actually turn this into a business. The 2nd 1-2-1 session wasn’t to be until I was ready to actually launch my business, by which time all the groundwork would have been done using what I felt was a very substandard online program, featuring audio recordings and videos which I felt were very short in length and insufficient to build an actual business, some only a few minutes in length.

I was asked for a review very early into the program, literally when i’d hardly started. I personally feel this was because they wanted to obtain this from me before I realized what I had got myself into.

One of the reasons I was attracted to the program was seeing social media posts of women currently and previously in the program, posts which I perceive to be purporting them to be successful and having made money from the program. I quickly realized many of these women who I got to know personally before, during and after leaving the program were actually flat broke, with many being worse off than before they started (I have evidence). One of the testimonials used both on her website and throughout social media features a make-up artist who works at the Versace mansion, I have since learned this woman was successful in her own right and had all these contacts prior to working with Michelle. I have since also discovered that some of the other testimonials were not factually correct or were inaccurately represented, which make me feel like I wasn’t fully informed when I made the decision to join her program because many of the details I read on her website, or saw on her social media had an influence on my decision.

As I moved through the program I felt unimpressed by the weekly group calls, which a couple of times featured women crying in despair because they had no money and didn’t know what to do. There were a number of times people who asked questions during the call didn’t get them answered because there were too many people on the call and only an hour allocated for each one. Each morning Michelle would go through the Facebook page and leave what I felt were very basic comments to peoples questions, not exactly bespoke or strategic support. When I messaged her directly on Facebook to ask questions, I was often told to either bring the question to a group call or to ask the girls in the group, well no offense I hadn’t paid to ask their advice. I also started to notice a trend of relating difficulties to mindset or fear or living in scarcity and answering questions which I perceived to clearly need practical business input to go and speak to the mindset coach – let’s not even go there!

Michelle get’s you to complete an accountability form each week on a Friday, on this form there is an area to raise any issues, you can actually mark the program out of ten. I never personally felt able to mark it any less than a ten, I felt if I was to do so I wouldn’t be looked on favorably. I was actually told to only be positive in the group and not to bring negativity, I felt this actually prevented me from properly speaking up. After she had read the accountability forms somebody from the team contacted you to offer what I personally felt were pointless words of advice, things like “go you” “you got this” or you’re on fire!”. On one occasion I was under the impression I was having a conversation with Michelle, a this conversation was through her Facebook account, all of a sudden she popped up on her page in a live video, i’ll never know who was actually messaging me on that day, but I wasn’t receiving coaching advice from the person I’d paid!

The “tech” support was her husband and whilst I will say there were a couple of things he did indeed teach me, the vast majority of his website advice was geared to just one platform, I felt as a tech guy he should have an all-round knowledge of multiple platforms to be able to offer adequate advice. I felt the same thing applied when questioned about platforms for building sales funnels etc. The session he did around teachable featured outdated advice, this was bought to his attention. I felt for the money we were paying he should be aware of this and everything should be totally up to date.

I felt the social media/instagram coach was misleading, the coach who did the social media sessions in the group actually had no idea how to use instagram. On one occasion during a Facebook training session she had notes next to her to tell her how to do a simple task, I personally didn’t understand why this was necessary for a social media & visibility strategist, surely it should be second nature?

The final straw for me came over the Fox TV debacle. I was personally contacted by Michelle with a message to say she had an exciting opportunity for me, I felt she insinuated this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and again I felt she insinuated this was for a small group of hand chosen women who she felt were ready. I felt she suggested that this opportunity had been offered to her exclusively and she said she didn’t have to pay for airtime. She asked me not to share that she had approached me with anybody else in the group, I feel in an attempt to block us from realizing how many she had actually invited and she specifically said this opportunity wasn’t for the entire group. I felt coerced into signing up for this opportunity because she said spaces were filling up, so I stupidly paid the deposit of £1500. The full amount was to be £3997. The following week she proceeded to actually advertise it as an opportunity to the entire coaching group, telling them to contact her if they were interested. She then created a Facebook group of those going and I was shocked to see a total of 30 women, so much for a select few! I felt completely misled by this opportunity. Less than two weeks later I learned much more about the whole Fox TV issue, I have now seen links of people who book this opportunity regularly for anybody approaching them for a fraction of the price, one of which is Instant Celebrity, who I believe Michelle is aquainted with. I felt very misled by the Fox TV situation, she states she was invited to appear on Fox TV herself and uses this as part of her marketing techniques, I believe this is not truthful and it was an opportunity she paid for. Part of the package we purchased for Fox TV was to include a training day where she would educate us on how to use our own interviews in our marketing strategy, I personally felt to use this kind of media in the same way would be dishonest and misleading to my future clients and I didn’t want any part.

Following this I sought legal advice around requesting a refund of the deposit paid of £1,500. I was well aware under the Consumer Rights Act that I was entitled to a refund within 14 days of purchase. It then however came to light that she had worded the contract so it would appear I had purchased as a business, knowing full well i’m not yet registered as a business entity. I believe this was done to get around the cooling-off period and to avoid giving anybody a refund when requested, the same I feel applies to her standard contract. I feel this term is unfair under the Contract Terms Act. She also stated she couldn’t refund because she had paid their money for the production slot (I have evidence), I feel misled here because she suggested she had received this airtime free and had been approached personally by Fox TV.

When I requested a refund I received what I perceived to be an intimidating email advising I needed to provide evidence of how I was misled for an “internal investigation” and that it was company policy when a complaint was made to book a call with Michelle Stonhill. I felt this was an intimidation tactic.

I responded to this email requesting what I felt were perfectly legitimate questions which included confirmation of registered company address and company registration number as none were provided anywhere. I also advised I would be passing this issue onto my lawyer to progress further as I feel my money was taken based on incorrect information and would subsequently be reporting Michelle Stonhill to the police. I was very swiftly removed from the main program and received what I personally feel was a very threatening email featuring her solicitors details, demanding payment of the rest of the program fee, advising me I was attempting to defame Michelle Stonhill and enticing other clients to leave, I was purely telling the truth and have evidence to back everything up. I was advised if I continued to speak to anybody I would be pursed legally. I personally felt this was an attempt to keep me quiet. I was also advised that all previous lawsuits against the company had been settled in their favor, again I believe this was an attempt to frighten me into paying the full amount due and not speaking out.

Michelle frequently posts about a “small” group of women with a vendetta against her, what I have discovered since leaving this program and has shocked me is far beyond anything I ever expected. I suspect these “mean girls” are in no way mean and are actually just trying to leave their honest opinions. I believe we are all intelligent women who ask pertinent questions and were quickly shutdown when what I feel we started to discover was the truth. There are numerous negative reviews featured here and in other places, but I notice a theme with the positive reviews and I personally believe these are people who work with Michelle or have a close friendship.

I feel this situation will be portrayed in a way that makes out it’s the fault of the people she was coaching, but there comes a time when you have to stop and reflect on why the same issues keep happening to the same person over and over again. If you’re taking £8000 from someone to provide a service and those people ask questions you’re uncomfortable with, provide criticism of your service or are unhappy with the service provided it’s your responsibility as a business owner to deal with that situation and to make people who have asked questions or feel they were misled then feel threatened in any way is disgraceful behavior.

So no in my opinion do not invest in this program, I wouldn’t work with this woman if you offered me a million pounds, which incidentally I don’t believe she will make you!

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