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United States, Ohio

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United States, Ohio

ok door, but

I purchased 4 interior, bright white, 6 panel, slab doors. These are just ok doors. Only good for privacy, not to keep someone out. But that is alright for our need. However, before you purchase, please be aware. I had to trim off 3/4″ off the bottom in order to clear the carpet. (Please note, I have installed carpet for 45 years and only had this problem 3 times.) After cutting off the 3/4″, I was surprised to see I had cut into the hollow of the door. The bottom piece of wood on the bottom of the door is only 3/4″. Then you have to replug the bottom of the door for strength. How much more could it cost to build these correctly?
Purchased from Menards.

ok door, but


Jun 12, 2021

Mastercraft interior door from Menards

We purchased a Mastercraft interior door model number 4091031. My husband cut off 3/4 inch off the top of the door and realized he was in the hollow part of the door. He was able to insert a piece of wood to fix the issue but it is ridiculous that there was less than an inch of trim at the top of the door. When he tried to cut for the hinges and lock, he realized that it was like a cardboard material on the edges of the door. Would it be that expensive to put real wood or at least something more substantial? My husband was in disbelief that any company would manufacture a door that cheap. We will be looking elsewhere for other doors.

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