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Duo Tongguang Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.,
Advertised as Real Looking. Received a carnival game tiny toy. Very disappointed. I could have bought this for 5 cents.
The Add a link for description keeps giving me an error. I am going to add the link here:
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Requested Refund: $28.98 USD

This item is not like the item described. It looks like a tiny stuffed toy won out of a toy claw machine. The description of (hand sculpted polymer clay nose, claws, paws
glass eyes
the head, body, and legs are connected by the plastic skeleton locking
filled with polyester and steel granules
toned by airbrush paint and art pastel for giving a living species.) is untrue. It is just fake fur with stuffing. no skeleton, no paws, no claws and frayed yarn like fur. Nothing life like at all. I feel that this is false advertising and that I got scammed.

They offered an $8 refund. I declined. Then they tell me that the lost money because of my purchase also and offered $12. They wouldn’t have lost money if they were not advertising fraudulently. This was a purchase that I paid for through PayPal. If PayPal lets them get away with this scam/fraud, I will close my account and never use them again. I use PayPal because I feel they are the safest way to purchase on-line and will stand up for you when fraud like this happens. We will see.

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