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Victim Location 31419
Total money lost $1,167
Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Monday June 8, 2020, I contacted the company Logo Synergy online in reference to their logo design services. I was immediately contacted by phone. After speaking with a representative, I decided to use them for my company’s logo design needs. I was advised that a Project Manager would contact me later that day. I was contacted via phone and additional information was requested to assist with my company’s logo design / website building services. However, there were several red flags during my second phone call. The Project Manager stated they were really sick at the time, they were not tech savvy (building my website), and they also asked whether or not a Trademark application had already been filed in reference to my Company. Initially, the Trademark question did not seem odd due to me paying for them to copyright a logo that I would have 100% ownership of once agreed upon. However, it was odd that a project manager would tell a new client that they are sick, they aren’t tech savy, and would start asking questions about whether or not they are single. I remained cordial and decided to research Logo Synergy further that night. I checked BBB.org‘s website for possible complaints in reference to this company because their website stated they were accredited by the BBB.org and Trusted by Fortune 500. My research discovered Logo Synergy is not accredited by ScamPulse.com and was making false claims. My bank statement listed Dallas, Texas as their location, yet their website listed California on their map with the same address listed on BBB.org. I checked the California Secretary of State’s website and Texas Secretary of State’s website and did not find a business license for Logo Synergy. It’s possible they have a license somewhere else and I am not aware of it. I checked several company sites that Logo Synergy claimed to create logos for and none of the businesses used the logos that they allegedly created. I immediately tried to contact Logo Synergy. I spoke with one of their representatives on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 and told them that I wanted to cancel their services and I wanted a refund due to possible shady business practices on their end. The representative stated that had no problem giving me a full refund but an Account Manager would call to speak with me later because they were authorized to approve refunds. I canceled their services at 3:38 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Instead of receiving a phone call from their “Account Manager”. On Tuesday, June 9, 2020, a text message was sent to me, an email was sent, and three attempted phone calls were made by Logo Synergy. Instead of canceling my services, Logo Synergy sent me bogus logos that they allegedly created between 3:38 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. They also removed BBB.org and Trusted by Fortune 500 from their company’s website after I called them out about it. I emailed Logo Synergy & text them in reference to them trying to be slick and send my company logos after being told their services were not needed and I wanted a refund. They were told, I do not want their logos or services because something isn’t right. On Wednesday, June 10, 2020, Zack from Logo Synergy called me in reference to my email and my claims about their company’s possible fraudulent activities. He advised me that he had no problem issuing me a refund and his company was not going to run off and shut down their website over a $1,000 because they are legit. The run off and shutting down of their site comments seemed odd. I advised Logo Synergy, I checked and their website was created February 2020 and their was another company with the website syncwebdesigninc.com that used the same phone number as Logo Synergy. I also advised Logo Synergy that I would report their site for registrar abuse, and report them to the California and Texas Secretary of state. Zack seemed very sketchy during our call and I advised him that I was going to start recording it and he gave me his permission to do so (around 12:57 p.m.). Zack kept trying to get me to accept logos that I told him that my company did not want and advised him that his company submitted after I already cancelled. He stated I could keep them and trademark them if I want because their company’s reputation is on the line. I was adamant about not wanting them and my company will not be using them. I told Zack his company lied about being accredited by ScamPulse.com and he stated they didn’t lie, they used to be accredited by BBB. I told him that’s not what I read. It appears they use a logo design website that anyone can access to create their own logos. The logos images they submitted can be seen all over the internet and have been used by other organizations. I have also seen the same promos in the same color scheme as Logo Synergy on other business websites claiming to be BBB.Org accredited and Trusted by Fortune 500 companies. Their company reviews appear to be fake. They have an extremely small / relatively nonexistent social media presence for a company that is sought after when it comes to designing logos. I advised Zack that I wanted him to put it in writing that my money would be refunded. Zack agreed. Wednesday night, I received an email from Logo Synergy stating that a refund in the amount of $468.00 was being issued. I do not have that alleged refunded amount at this time or any record of it. I paid Logo Synergy, $1,167.00 ($699.00 for E-commerce Website package & $468.00 for Logos + Copyright + Social Media Logo).There appears to be no truth in their advertising. Thursday, June 11, 2020, I emailed Logo Synergy again and told them that I am not canceling disputed charges with my bank until my money is return in full and I am also making others aware of their shady business practices. Please stay away from this company. Use at your own risk

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