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Total money lost $29.38
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This wavashop.net sells online and is a dropshipper as well I believe – and goes by the name of ‘leibniz’ as well as supplies products coming from a PO: ‘YKS Electronic’ P.O. Box 6033 AMF, 211-6500 SILVER DART, Mississauga ON L5P1B2.

While on my internet one day, an unsolicited ad showed up as a Sales Offer for a remote mechanical aircraft – it advertised itself in full image showing a mechanical built remote control aircraft held by man – from the image it was at least 3 feet in length, quite a big remote toy. It even showed a video of a player and the aircraft flew very well. It stated that there was a limited time offer a special offer to get it for a 50% discount at just US$19.99 + shipping and tax = $29.38 (see attached). I jumped at it as I was looking for a hobby for my teenager. So, I ordered it as a special offer on August 8, 2020 (ORDER 200808224553888).

This product from this seller is a scam. The product arrived on September 8, 2020. It was not at all a mechanical remote as shown on the advertisement! It was those dollar store styrofoam cutout plane less than a foot in length for small children to throw to the wind with a tiny motor that makes the little propeller turn. It had no remote control and was of very poor quality. The package was also opened and obviously the seller had taken something out from the toy since the parcel envelope was still properly sealed when I opened it.

I wrote to the seller for a full refund. These are his delaying emails from a proper refund:

“We are sorry for the trouble, understanding your feeling,

It is annoying to get the item does not reach expectation after waiting long.

As compensation ,we can refund 10% of product price and you keep item that ok?

We hope we can try our best to make you satisfied.

Waiting for your reply.

Best regards..

There was no admittance that this seller had knowingly tried to scam/cheat buyers with paid advertising showing incorrect images and videos. It is therefore a scam site and online shoppers has to be very careful about buying anything from wavashop.net/ as the products are not of the quality or even substance as shown on the ad, the product is opened.. AND they refuse proper timely refund.

Be careful, this scammer special offer ads asks for credit card and does not allow paypal. Do NOT enter your credit card info. Find a more legitimate online seller to buy from.

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