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Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying for tons of jobs lately – mainly Work-From-Home positions in light of the pandemic. I was skeptical at first about this position that would ship packages to your house to quality check before shipping them to their final locations. I agreed to a phone interview for a chance to ask my questions. Why would a company willingly add time and money to their shipping route just to quality check… why not just do that before shipping? They made it seem like the types of packages I would be checking and re-shipping are from smaller businesses that can’t afford to lose customers because of occasional mishaps or damages between leaving the retailer and being received by the customer. This would be a way to fix any issues before getting to the customers so they do not lose future business or receive bad reviews. This made a little more sense and I could understand for small businesses that this could be a very useful tool. (Though it still wouldn’t save something from being damaged between me and the customer but I guess I was hopeful that people might actually still look out for the best for others.)

I received a conditional offer for a probationary period of 30 days where I would receive my first payment after the 30 days. If my work was satisfactory, they would then offer me a permanent position with the company at a higher rate of pay ($3,000 – $3,100 a month available bi-weekly or as a lump monthly payment. The $100 as reimbursement for packaging items such as tape, labels, printer ink, etc.)

After sending them proof that I live where I live (Driver’s license or utility bill addressed to me at my current address), they then would report back within 3 days to let me know if I am accepted for the position on a probationary basis. I received the confirmation on Friday and emailed as directed Monday to continue the process. It all seemed very legit on their website. They gave me a temporary password, a direct manager who sent me instructions on how to navigate their “CRM” page where I could chat with the supervisor and receive my employment manuals and assignments after training. I should be receiving a call from the manager to go through what I read in the directions and to ask any questions I have about those directions. I still had a gut feeling that I’m getting in too deep to something fishy so I contacted the chat on (THANK YOU, *******!) to double check again. The company didn’t come up in the search originally so I checked with the chat and they did some background digging. Scam.

So now I’m working on making sure nothing is going to happen with the info I gave‘s Lily Stewart or Michelle Lambert.

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