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I too was ripped off by Jinzhou.

I ordered a 3 piece blanket and pillowcase set from the luckylamb website, one of the many fronts for Jinzhou network technology co., limited, back in november. It was 58.99 for a 3 piece full/queen bed set and was to have free shipping. First red flag was they charged me for shipping so i had to contact them about it. Thankfully they did refund the 5.99 shipping.

Then I had to contact them 4 times over a month to see where the product was as it wasn’t shipped for weeks. When I finally received the product imagine my shock to find a small light, flimsy throw that wouldn’t even cover a twin bed and no pillowcases that didn’t look like what I ordered. I immediately contacted the company and sent photos of the small throw and informed them it was not what was described on the site.

I measured the throw and it was 3.8ft by 5ft. Definitely not a full/queen. They responded by saying it was what I ordered and the pillowcases had to be ordered separately, which it did not. I went and triple checked my screen captures (I never order online without taking screen caps of what I order.) The webpage still says it is a 3 piece set and you don’t need to order the pillowcases separately!

I was scammed out of $58.99! This small throw of the wrong size, no pillowcases, and wrong colors is not what I ordered definitely NOT worth nearly $60!

I ended up having to make a dispute with PayPal who told me they would give me the refund only if I mailed the blanket back to China. So, I did. It cost $43 to mail it back and I’m still unsure I will get my refund. PayPal says they will refund up to $30 of my shipping but we’ll see since they are clearly in cahoots with jinzhou.

So, long story short, avoid any companies run by JINZHOU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED they will rip you off.

(Fyi: the PayPal community board has tons of messages complaining about this company and their ways for further proof not to do business with these people).

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