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They will not release your admin account after the web design is done. They tried to give me a back end account and they kept the admin account so they could steal. I had to steal my website back through my hosting. They have no talent and are the worst company to Get web design services due to the fact that they won’t do the work that you tell them to do after you pay x amount of dollars. They know basic web design and compared to a real web designer They are like elementary students compared to a Average Designer. I can do better than them and I have never done programming. Everybody Got Something BAd TO say ABout Every Company I Understand But This Is As Bad AS It Gets. I Suggest You go to A Real programmer And dont WAste your Money. They will Scam TRy Scamming You. THey Dont KNOw What WOrk Is ANnd its A SHhame THey give Indian People A Really BAd NAme Its SAd.

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