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im leaving an update that ive recieved my order and a full refund, i contacted this webite to help me remove my review but i only recieved an auto repsonse! im waiting a plan on removing it when i get updated on how to do so. I called USPS while waiting for my order after i got a refund and they told me they have had on going delays with shipping, ilmypsyhicjane actually shipped from MI but the shipping label says ohio, so im not sure if this means its created in one area or what, or the packages are moved from their store in ohio to MI (usps didnt say but i aSked ) but regardless, usps told me they had about a full inventry of orders , packages being delivered late to everyone and it has taken weeks to scan everyones mail in, in the location in MI -, so if you are looking for your package call the westland mi post office , they made it clear to me , also that my package was infact there! and waiting to be scanned in!, once they did so , it was only about a 3 day wait, then just like that i had my package! dissapointed in USPS service, and was very dissapointed in not hearing from ilmypsychicjane, cant imagine how many messages they have now that i know whats going on. i will be updating this too once i am able to delete my reviews.

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