Illinois Logistics –


Victim Location 51448
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Employment

I applied to this job and within 72 hours I was hired. They sent me a contract to sign through email. They had me send a copy of my drivers license front and back. The only contact i had with company was email or texts. I had 2 shipping supervisors. They even had different named people from HR and also accounting contact me through email. They even had items shipped to me that i had to ship on from my house. I also took the items to be shipped out. So there was gas that i used. I went out and bought a copier, items like shipping tape and office supplies. I also had my own dashboard that i got my shipping labels and the items that were being shipped in and the shipping label for me to ship items out. The labels were prepaid. I was expecting a base salary for a month ($**** and $** per box shipped out). then it got to be close to a month later and i was waiting to get paid and went to sign in to my dashboard and it said wrong username and password. Then i new it was a scam. Couldnt sign in and no paycheck.

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