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I ordered the Pumpkin Jamboree… So cool that they are so annimated. What a great price only $89.99. Bought thru paypal.
Product took forever to arrive




. Then it did. $3.00 worth of cheap plastic. Two of the three pumpkins were broken. Offered me $20 back. Nope I wanted a full refund – this was clearly a bait and switch scam. To send the cheap plastic back to China it will cost me nearly $120. A net loss of $30 for my refund. So I esculated the issue to Palypal explaining everything. They “investigated” seller offered me $20 refund. I stated that the seller already offered that to me. And I rejected the offer. Days later get a message from Paypal… Congratulations seller agrees to full refund after you spend $120 to send the item back. Which is back to where I was at when I gave it to Paypal weeks ago. It only took Paypal a month to return me back to square one! I expect more from Paypa

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  • Exactly the same thing happened to us. We ordered a realistic baby shark that was interactive and looked really cute. Took forever to arrive and when it did it looked like a $2.00 shop toy!! Went through PayPal and seller offer me $10 refund. I demanded the full refund and now I have to make a statement a our police station for false advertising. If you go online now he has conveniently taken down his ad he had on Facebook! I hope PayPal help me fight this one too

  • I ordered a Christmad tree (ceramic) which was supposed to rotate with a train. The only thing that came was this tiny fake tree. They get over on people because when they investigate the company can show proof of delivery. PayPal doesn’t see WHAT was delivered. I’m reporting this company to the Attorney General. This is the second time I’ve been ripped off by a company in China.

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