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Victim Location 37115
Total money lost $48
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered thru this company on april 20th. Paid extra for expedited shipping for my product to arrive within two weeks. Its been a month. Customer service sends an automated reply. But. Wont follow up with an actual response. Found evidence that others are being scammed as well.

BBB note: website is based in Jiangxi, China

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  • We bought was supossed to be tank type off road machine you could ride. It was for our son’s Christmas present. What we recieved in the mail instead was a little rc truck
    We have emailing their only method of contact ([email protected]) since December 23rd and they refuse to get back to us.

  • i ordered a part WPK-80B for $81.00 total $93.15 paid through PayPal never received WPK-80B, tried placing a claim though PayPal they rejected claim said WPK-80B was delivered, it was sent by UPS air from California to New York then Amazon delivered it tracking # 1735 tracking # 1z81RF110265547540 Transaction # from Evinch Limited 2j933736T5994494V ordered on 3-27-2021 delivered on 3-31-2021

  • Ive ordered an item for $129.99 but was sent a different item (probably worth |$15) and the customer service basically told me to get lost because the item must be returned and that the cost would be more than I originally paid. This business appears to be a scam.

  • I agree its a scam. I also ordered and was sent junk not even as advertised. They will not reply

  • I also ordered something from this site. It took 2 months to receive it and it was plastic crap. I have been trying to send it back and get a refund but all Im getting is the run around. I am so pissed off.

  • I ordered two pairs of shoes from their company xlrb based in the UK on 18th of April/ I live in Israel. No communications, no delivery, no response to emails/ No answer when I call their number. Paid via Paypal. $49.83

  • yes i ordered from this company and have not received my order it is a scam someone needs to stop them

  • I ordered 2 unclaimed amazon boxes thinking it was from amazon. I ordered it on 06-29-2021 Basic box was$28.98 and a Super Mystery Box for $49.98, which I saw on Facebook many times and read the comments many times and after a week I decided to do it. 3 days later they sent an email saying my items being shipped from someone or a place called IGNITER_LUCK. It showed my amazon boxes that ordered USPS tracking # 303730800226. I was excited knowing that I would be arrive soon. When it arrived I ended up $79.00 later getting and i12 ear pods and a single tripod selfie stick which I never ordered. I was expecting 2 big boxes with over stock items that I paid for.
    I emailed IGNITER-LUCK at [email protected] and wanted to know what happened to the boxes I ordered. I then went to track my package and the track number wasn’t available. Looked up the info and saw that company is in England and the website is in Jiangxi, China, and looking up the info this Ms Chanqian Liu Chinese is the Director for this company?
    I just will be careful next time and this company is a scam.

  • I ordered from this company also know as Yadirstore I ordered 2 tents and never got them instead i got 2 packs of yellow tiny tent stakes and the e-mail address you respond to they never respond back so ya i lost $40.00 dollars.

  • I ordered thru this company Order # disuz210403105422316 and never received the item. Paid $29.66 received numerous emails because I kept posting on Face Book not to order from them. The emails kept putting me off telling me “we are getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

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