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My fiancé ordered a yoga mat and it’s a total SCAM. Do NOT ORDER FROM BEYOND YOGI.

First off, we could not find Beyond Yogi brand on the internet. We found them on Instagram @beyondyogi.

Our order took nearly a month with zero reply from customer service throughout the process.

The package that arrived is not what was shown in the photos. It’s a super cheap, crappy, thin yoga mat with no branding. Photos shown on the site made the mat look like it was 2″ thick, not 1/4. I’ve worked in the outdoor industry for 10 years and as soon as I opened the gift, I could spot it was a super cheap knockoff from China. The way it was packaged and wrapped in plastic and the super cheap bag to carry the the mat was a dead giveaway.

Also a closer look at their email and Insta page, there is horrible use of the English language and most things are misspelled.

With some research I found that they are running their IP address out of Ottawa Canada, yet the company is listed in Sacramento CA, and the item shipped from a warehouse in Kentucky. This is a SCAM and I’ll be diving deeper into this person or people to find out where they running this shading operation out of.

All accounts associated will be reported to the proper channels.

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